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This mindblowing chart is telling us to buy Bitcoin now. But there is one big warning, because Bitcoin could fall to my bearish target before we see higher prices. Watch the video to see the exact target!
BITCOIN TODAY: In this video, I'll go through the Bitcoin news today & I'll make a Bitcoin price analysis. The BTC news & analysis can be inspiration for your own Bitcoin trading or investing, but is NOT financial advice. On this channel, The Moon, I make 1 video every single day about crypto news & Bitcoin. I'll always include professional Bitcoin technical analysis, to make a Bitcoin price prediction, and I'll also show you the most relevant news for Bitcoin investing & trading. Please subscribe if you are a Bitcoin hodler, and leave a thumbs up to support my free videos!

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0:00 Bitcoin News Intro
1:00 Bitcoin Price Analysis
8:28 Altcoins
4:48 DeFi Hype Over?
10:56 Sushi

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DISCLAIMER: Trading Bitcoin is VERY risky, and 80% of traders don't make money. Make sure that you understand these risks if you are a beginner. I only recommend crypto trading to already experienced traders!



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Carl Eric Martin (The Moon)

BUY BITCOIN NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. Carl, please make a tutorial on how to buy bitcoin with fiat. What’s the best platform and how exactly does it work. Thank you!

  2. There will be a wave 2 stock market correction and that will drag bitcoin down along with it. Don’t fomo. Just relax, plenty opportunities ahead.

  3. Nice analysis. Cryptos trading feels like it is the hardest cause even with professional analysis, you are still exposed to trading failures. Ever since I started trading with Lyndon Bernhardt, I got to realize that with professional assistance you can override all your trading failures.

  4. Dominique de Graaff No ones calling for a doomsday scenario. But there will be wave 2 correction before we head even higher somewhere between now and the US election I believe.

  5. @BigJay1918Are you interested in earning more money (cryptocurrency)by trading binary options & forex trade ?.

  6. I’m waiting for a second wave dip personally. Stock markets will drag everything down with it (including gold/btc). If i’m wrong i’m already positioned in btc so I win either way!

  7. Please stop- You know what happened wen you told people to go massive long back at the Golden Cross that turned to Golden piss

  8. @Rex Samuel I don’t understand anything of trading. Just learning now and would like to take it easy.

  9. This woman changed my life lol. I was able to pay off my mortgage. I have made over $200,000 from her platform since this pandemic started.

  10. oupppsss chut 🤫 faut les laisser acheter cher maintenant, car c’est ces pigeons qui vont nous revendre les bitcoins à 3000€ 😂

  11. J’ai toujours appris à faire exactement le contraire de la masse. Et ça marche quasiment toujours 😉

  12. Faut pas oublier que le cours du bitcoin n’est basé sur RIEN ! Donc ceux qui sont dans l’ombre savent soutirer l’argent de ces pigeons. Il faut réfléchir comme eux. Regarde quand le bitcoin a été annoncé à la télé, c’est à ce moment que j’ai compris qu’il allait cracher juste après

  13. @The Moon What about Cardano ? Its fall might be interesting to look over. It’s like Cardano announced few weeks ago this crash.

  14. It’s ridiculous how rules require every Youtuber to keep repeating “it’s not financial advice” and then you can give whatever financial advice you want such as, Buy Bitcoin Now!

  15. I’ve so much confidence in trading, you don’t have to be scared of the rise or fall in the market. I have charlotte on my behalf with her professional skills and strategies

  16. Over the years, value increase and decrease, it is the duty of avoid and experienced broker to have a well structured strategy

  17. Watch out for scams and account takeovers. Upgrade your security. Don’t use SMS texting (SIM SWAPS).

  18. it´s probably going to fall down with the stock market. i´ve heard cca 7 k is possible for a quick dip.

  19. @The Moon thats an inconvenient time bud, we’re looking to you for future analysis, present time analysis is just looking at the charts. i understand your hesitance, as making a call either way would be irresponsible. if you could give your opinion on the bull factors and the bear factors and let those who can think for themselves hear you out, that would be awesome and greatly appreciated

  20. @Olivia Taylor *I’m glad to come across hackerdammy on !!g for the 2btc she’s real and reliable*

  21. @Laura Harris *I’m glad to come across hackerdammy on !!g for the 2btc she’s real and reliable*

  22. Bitcoin is such a massive success.
    Bitcoin made me more profit in 2months than stock did in 10months

  23. I would say there is a clear trend towards 15k, unless some sell-off happens in the stock market – that would cause also the crypto market to dive. But in my opinion the trend is 15k

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