Bullish Or Bearish Scenario?! | ETC 51% Attack | Gab.com Promoting Bitcoin To 850,000 Users!


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Bitcoin Technical Analysis & Bitcoin News Today: ETC 51% attack and double spending, is it an argument against altcoins? Gab .com promotes Bitcoin and gets censored from the Square Cash App. Also, is Bitcoin going to initiate the bullish or bearish scenario? I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. Watch the video to learn more!

0:56 Bitcoin Analysis
6:57 Gab .com & Bitcoin
8:28 ETC 51% Attack

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Bullish Or Bearish Scenario?! | ETC 51% Attack | Gab.com Promoting Bitcoin To 850,000 Users!

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  1. Any coin that can suffer a 51% attack by anyone wealthy enough to pull the required hashpower is no different to the current hierarchy of wealth we have in the world currently. To easy for the mega wealthy to take control/manipulate. Saying a means of payment needs to be “hackable” or manipulatable is just ridiculous and again proves is not too different to what we have. Sad but its a failed experiment in my eyes. Good video again!

  2. The date the french yellow vests will withdraw their funds from the banks will be this saturday 12th of january 2019, between 8 and 12 am (paris time).
    Anyone in the world willing to join us on an international level is more than welcome.
    Cheers from Paris.

  3. I love your videos and you have inspired me to create my channel, thanks man you’re the best! 😉

  4. XRP can’t be 51% attacked unlike BTC that can at this stage be 51% attacked by 2 chinese miners at any moment.

  5. I think we still have some time before the bulls arrive. My guess would be that we head down again…..not too violently, a gradual fall.

    I’m hoping it does because I would like to buy some btc around the 2.5k mark.

  6. “Decentralized cryptos must be susceptible to 51% attacks” – Charlie Lee

    XRP holders don’t have this problem. ‘Proof of Work’ (POW) coins are inferior to XRP.

  7. Love the polls. Loooove the polls.

    Looooooooooooooooooooooooooove the polls 👍👍🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻👍👍

  8. Very conflicted right now. I lean more towards the bearish scenario. The shorts are getting very low and longs are stacking. Since the herd is wrong most of the time that seems bearish to me

  9. Please start making it clear what price is confirmation for the bullish scenario. Thanks 👍

  10. I think you are wrong with your general statement about Alt-coins Carl. These attacks are typical for POW blockchains like BTC, ETH, ETC, etc. Many other Alt-coins are much much better than BTC !!!

  11. Of course XRP can freeze your account, increase the supply, and dump on you because they are clearly centralized.

  12. Of course XRP can freeze your account, increase the supply, and dump on you because they are clearly centralized.

  13. +Truther One You are mistaken, Ripple controles less than 30% of the nodes. And if you are referring to the XRP owned by Ripple, they are in escrow so they can’t be dumped by anyone.

    A 51% attack on the XRP Ledger is extremely unlikely because it doesn’t allow a double spend. It just stops forward progress. So some group would have to convince people to listen to their validators only to lose any credibility they had gained the first time they attempt such an effort.

    Now concerning BTC, Chinese mining pools control more than 70% of the Bitcoin network’s collective hashrate.

  14. Indeed. There are some altcoins that are immune to this type of attack. Like $APL Apollo for example.

  15. No you don’t have that problem, you only have to trust the single company holding well over half of the 100 Billion pre-mined XRP. Can’t have a 51% attack when a single entity holds over 51% of your “coin.” What could go wrong LOL

  16. I’ve been waiting for $2800 BTC to begin heavy accumulation. I love the green but the bears are about to to jump from windows.
    I hold ETC and had an issue with MyCrypto via trezor as far back as Dec 28th. No connection to the node no matter which pool I chose. I’m scared to even attempt right now.

  17. Under 3K seems to be the magic mark that everyone is waiting for to buy. The crowd is rarely right. If you believe BTC can reach 100K on the next bull market then there’s hardly any difference between buying at 2500 or 4000. That’s not me telling you to FOMO in, but I also wouldn’t hold my breath for 2.5K if I was you. Cheers friend!

  18. +JoshuaJameson realistically I don’t think it will go that low. 3k mark is more reasonable or possibly dip just under. 100k btc sounds nice but I think it’s quite some time away. If its going to be 2019, then second half of the year would be my bet.

  19. Roberto Valente that’s where I’m at too. If this year then probably closer to the end, although anything could happen.

  20. Based on the replies to this comment it seems there are many people very naive about the world they live in. I find it concerning.

  21. The 1st People might be allowed to withdraw. But it will be stopped very quickly. People blindly following this will have accts put on a delay. usually 3 Days with a limited withdraw. Smaller withdraws over time if you want to remove all funds. Plus if in the US there will be alerts sent to Government. if it is in a Bank. It isn’t your Money.

  22. +Lauren Paige with what that might do to people’s faith in banks and fiat it could still have a damaging effect. People aren’t going to like realizing that it isn’t their money.

  23. +MadFinnTech the bearmarket started on the day i bought my 1st crypto and im still in. srry

  24. XRPopulist —— you’re a manipulative little douchenozzle.

    It isn’t in escrow forever, and you have no idea who really owns those nodes. Piss off you xrp shill

  25. People need to stand up to their governments worldwide for economic abuses. I would like to see the kind of yellow vest protests in the US as is in France, withdrawing Dollars instead of Euros, to get further attention of the abusive government, corporations, and banks. In the US, the people suffer under what is called “good corporate governance”, meaning the corporations run the government and people mostly have lost control, and, therefore, are economically abused. Too many, hundreds of millions of people are pawns due to rampant greed.

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