BTC Breakout Incoming! Bitcoin Is Getting Ready To Move Again!!

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Bitcoin Technical Analysis & Bitcoin News Today: I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. Watch the video to learn more!

0:26 Bitcoin Analysis
9:06 Binance Hack
11:01 Local Bitcoins Hack
12:19 Nouriel Roubini
14:23 Strongest Community Or Bots?

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LocalBitcoins Hacked By an ‘Unauthorized Source,’ Forum Suspended

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BTC Breakout Incoming! Bitcoin Is Getting Ready To Move Again!!

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Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. Carl you are really our moon in crypto.. i still remember your words in last video dump dump dump… 😀

  2. Lol I feel like I’m watching the same video every day. Regardless I’m definitely gonetchdszvideo

  3. Always Remember this we are still at The BEAR MARKET anytime BTC Bounce SELL and TAKE THAT PROFIT….!

  4. As human beings we are wired to recognize patterns and even though most of us agree on technical data just maybe … maybe Bitcoin will throw us all a curve ball and take off. Carl could you give us advice if Bitcoin suddenly takes off.

  5. No my friend im not a gambler.. im just doing it safely wisely i dont want to lose like anybody else.. im not trading because of emotions.. 100% this year is still a BearMarket.. i buy some dip when it bounce to 3600 or even higher i sell 75% and wait again for a better position.. just play it wisely in this kind trend..

  6. Why are the XRP community so bully?
    I own some xrp, but I don’t get emotional every time a tweet bashes xrp…who are these people? it’s like an army

  7. +The One because that is what always happens when the equilibrium pattern gets tider. It breaks out.. to the down or to the up side, but breaks out… every time.

  8. Don’t turn it around. The XRP community gets the laughters and the bashing. The community is just defending against FUD and maybe they are overreacting a bit every now and then, but it started with them being bashed. The community is strong because they see XRP is doing great and that there is almost daily good news. That’s the truth. I started following the community for a while and it all started with others bashing XRP because it works a bit different and it works for banks. That’s why. XRP is doing great and is probably one of the best crypto’s with a lot of use cases that’s around. Next to Ripple. R3 is also now building on XRP. Don’t worry, I’m not a one solution kinda guy so there is also space for other crypto’s. It’s time others start seeing that as well and maybe mr. Karl is one of them.

  9. We’re going up. This is like a chess match in a boxing match where the bulls simply have their hands up guarding themselves from all the punches the bears are throwing. The bulls are simply waiting for the bears to run out of energy…that’s when the bulls will counter and knock the bears out. There’s a reason any significant drop is eaten up very quickly. We should see a nice big green candle very very soon.

  10. What makes Ripple (XRP) community different from all the other coins?
    They are the only coin supported by 200+ banks. We all know some of those banks like to play dirty so what’s to stop them from doing smear campaigns!

  11. It’s not backed by the banks. That’s a myth. No bank actually uses XRP. No bank is going to use a centralized currency that is controlled by someone else.

  12. Bitcoin is the only cryptocurrency! 99.9% of all Altcoins including Cripple XRP and Btrash will go away!

  13. +Luminary Wins perhaps, but until then, I’ll continue to trade alts to increase my btc holdings. Much more lucrative than just flipping in and out of tether.

  14. +Luminary Wins The truth is that most “altcoins” are not altcoins, but security or utility tokens from specific projects that are following a business model of their own.

  15. Of course the same… as soon as it is getting more clicks, we even do that stupid news section for people unable to read!

  16. Unless market dynamics drastically change, altcoins won’t go to 0.

    Speculation of higher gains, the lower the market caps go the higher the gains + Fomo when Bitcoin makes 5-10% moves.

    If there is an “obvious” up-trend nobody wants to make 10-20% with Bitcoin when they can in theory usually make 100%-2x with top altcoins.

  17. Bob Goudreau lmao fxck the community, its about making shrewd decisions regarding which digital asset will yield the greatest return

  18. +The Moon consider different market coverage for now. ton of action happening in the MJ markets. crypto is in a long slow bear trend that shows no signs of reversing.

  19. Buy low sell high no such thing as loss just hold ya coins for as long as possible. Sooner or later the coins will blow up and you will make great profits! Patience is 🔑

  20. Thanks for the update on news about the fake KYC document hack. Really need to hear more about other exchanges/platforms who also store this data. Also, how are they conforming to GDRP requirements. Still havent and will not purchase a ripple shitcoin. Its overvalued and worthless as xrp is about the platform and not the token. Reason why they are up voted as these morons are new to crypto and buying it because they think it will one day be bigger than bitcoin. 100% NO CHANCE.

  21. +The Moon I love when you discuss the bigger US/World economy as well. I am always happy with you putting that content in your videos when BTC is sideways 🙂

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