BTC AT CRITICAL POINT!! | NVT Analysis Shows Capitulation STILL TO COME??

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0:48 Bitcoin Analysis
5:14 NVT Analysis
7:23 Bitfinex
8:59 BitMEX

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My BitMEX Tutorial:

BTC AT CRITICAL POINT!! | NVT Analysis Shows Capitulation STILL TO COME??

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Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. Learn how to use the nvt, it doesn’t say a capitulation is coming at all, it shows a drop but not what you are trying to make it out to be, look at history

  2. Bitcoin ‘Halving hype’ on the horizon..🌬..🏖

    Interesting to see ŁTC WEG Bank Crypto announcement about 1st May…..

  3. Great content sir. Must be hard enduring the heat of the sun during middle recording.. 😁

  4. If you think that is interesting then you should … stroke incoming …. defiinqewhrkqwehrkjqwherkjqwerh jqewkhrjkqw watch this video …

  5. Tomáš Dobrotka IOTA breaks .38 cents then safe to say at minimum .52 cents, I think it can go as high as 0.93 cents

  6. The bots will kick in soon to replicate the previous start of the bull run pattern, I think you will be spot on with an incoming dip 👍

  7. Yes – he’s calm, intelligent, clear, no fuss, no hype & no endless self praise (cough cough Steve of Crypto Crew Hard Sales University). All major attributes in my book. Godspeed Carl!

  8. If The Moon is a Pump maybe Carl is secretly saying we are going to see a dump and shows us The Sun.

  9. Every bear market gives you second, and third chances, rarely 4th, and 5th. ( I think Bob Loukus? ) i would try to get in on $3,500, before August. I believe $3,200 was the low. I also think in 150 weeks, you will care less, that you missed a low, or got in at $20,000. I would think owning 1 whole BTC would be a great goal.

  10. Thank you Carl as always. I have been following for 3 months now.
    Several indicators point at the 30%+ cliff or a bearish correction if you want. I agree.
    However, I look at Longs Vs Shorts, and I see that most of traders are bearish. Many don’t go long, and most go short.
    I look at the Fear vs Greed index and we are on 41 at a time when the Bitcoin has not shown weakness in front of the Bitfinex issue, which back in 2018 would have brought the price down by several thousands in a single day.
    I look at D and 4H charts and what I notice is that someone(especially in China) is accumulating from $ 5,000 to $ 5,150 not allowing the price to go down.
    Then I read what the bears write and I understand that below $ 5,000 there are Many buy orders of people who are just waiting for the market to come to them.
    What if that does not happen? What if the BTC surprises again?
    Then the people who are not going long will need to buy in at higher prices. People who are shorting or setting buy orders at lower prices will need to get in too, pumping the price further.
    We may have a correction again, but I think it will happen when really everyone will be convinced that we are in full bull market. High level of Longs, Low levels of Shorts, a Fear vs Greed index at 70+ and everyone in spacesuits, selecting the colour of their Lambos.
    That’s why I bought in again during last Bitfinex crash and wait to get wrecked. I will learn from it…again. It may not take long.

  11. Thanks Carl. I find it nice to see You outside your office today. I like your crypto videos very much, and so I allways watch it.
    My opinion is. Bitcoin has not bottomed now. regards Paul from Austria 👍👍

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