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Jerome Powell announced that the federal reserve will cut interest rates to zero and announced $700 billion of quantitative easing. This is the biggest rate cut since the financial crisis. The stock market is expected to crash and this is indeed the beginning of the big financial collapse I've been talking about!

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Carl Eric Martin (The Moon)


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  1. Get em Carl, thank you for sharing the knowledge. There scared and abusing there power. They’ll fail if people open there eyes

  2. need to go back to a gold standard..reduce manipulation..ALL markets are manipulated..its a much for capitalism, free markets..its a sad sick joke..great work Carl

  3. This is what we’ve been expecting. They never implemented the protections that we needed after the 2008 Recession and now we have arrived. This time it may be the finish of life as we’ve know it. The Banksters got us into this mess and none of them ever went to jail. Two of my relatives lost their houses while the Banks got free money so they could do it again. This country is a joke!!!

  4. Euh nice story told here, but what can we do all about this? It is obvious that btc is not a safe haven…so what now Carl? Telling us that a crisis is already there is not that difficult. I think it would really be news how to handle this!

  5. This is a drill for them. Just wait till you wake up one day and realise that your mobile phone can no longer make calls, your fiat currency is no longer legal tender, and there is no petrol to fill up your car.

  6. Btc 200 weekly rejection Btc dropping Below 5k I’m gonna have orders ready to put orders at 1k 🤗

  7. I’m glad now to come across your channel about a year ago. This theory with virus being a convenient excuse to blame for all of this crisis happening now is brilliant. Since this was inevitable it wouldn’t surprise me if this virus was released intentionally so that this mayhem happens and the virus is to blame. Good stuff, keep up the good work! 🙂

  8. Doesn’t look like brown people 7000 miles away was the real enemy anymore. Who would have thunk it..:D

  9. The Fed knew that dropping rates a full percentage point, a decision made on a Sunday, would have a negative effect on the market. They had to. It’s like they want the market to fail. I know they don’t, but, can they be that dumb?

  10. Just my thoughts:

    As already mentioned by Carl in several videos here, Bitcoin is an asset class like any other, but with consistently higher volatility. It has been shown that Bitcoin correlates with the capital market, i.e. in a bull market there is an increase in value, in a recession a sale. I think this leads to another problem.
    An asset that is so volatile that it loses value in times of crisis can never be an attractive replacement for FIAT money. The goal of a currency in and out of a crisis is to have a constant store of value to compensate for falling wages or creditworthiness or to have no price difference of up to 10% between two days if you want to go for a beer. Bitcoin, unfortunately, unlike FIAT money cannot do this.

    Note: In case of above average inflation, we still need data on the market behavior of crypto currencies.

  11. This was a total wasted interest cut. You cant get rid of the virus with rate cuts. So it wont make a difference.

  12. @Cryptopaganda for how long? It’s healthier to let companies go bankrupt. Bad companies getting welfare doesn’t make any sense long term. It’s corporate socialism. That never ends well.

  13. @Doomsday Man It’s not that the companies are bad, but that the companies are forced to close because nobody can work or use their services because they have to be in quarantine. Look at airline companies for example, a lot of them were doing really good before corona, but are now on the edge of going bankrupt because no one is flying anymore.

  14. @ThrashMetal what do you think will happen when most countries suffer from hyperinflation?? Hold on to your butt! Countries are printing billions to get themselves out of this mess.. it won’t work

  15. and the problem is, the crisis in now smashed on our faces and will be worse than 2008. The problem is? BTC will be obliterated too, looks like.

  16. Cryptopaganda All this fresh printed money really will not help. This situation has passed the point of no return.

  17. @Michael Knight fiat will also end ..but believe me btc wont the replacement lol…its too slow cant scale…I know you wanna get rich and have lots of hopium but you see how btc is failing to do what it was supposed to do

  18. Roland Zwiggelaar Buy more coins, all the stock kings are selling off – Gates, Bezos, Buffet, and Musk have all sold large amounts of stock, at what i consider overinflated prices (exactly why they sold) pretty good indicator of a downward trend – as well as the feds printing the entire BTC market cap and pumping it into the stock market.

  19. @Giuseppe Gius There won’t be a financial crisis! The crisis will be overpopulation, lack of TP and bottled water!

  20. I agree! The wealthy use everything that comes their way to make themselves richer! I’m going to prepare for the next time and save my money to buy in at the bottom of the barrel (oil pun intended) This way while others are freaking out and going for water toilet paper I will be buying up all that cheap stock/crypto!

  21. 2k works for me to!! When u hear in the news the nation is order to self quarantine
    Causing and nation shut down. They said that today in the news that a nation shut down is on the table if needed!! In that’s case all in for shorts

  22. It dont matter where you live. This reserve central banking system is all over the world. This recession will be everywhere.

  23. @Swift Got Hits that’s what all the moonboys rocket sky rocket…still some hopium left? Feel sorry for these moonboys

  24. ThrashMetal you couldn’t be more clueless on what is about to happen to btc because of this

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