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Bitcoin Technical Analysis & Bitcoin News Today: Will all stablecoins be banned? Is this the end of Tether, DAI, USDC & PAX? Also, I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. Watch the video to learn more!

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  1. The Moon mate you say “major” much that it loses its meaning and worth calm it down abit bro

  2. The question to ask yourself when situations like this arise is, “Will Bitcoin just dry up and go away? Will all the time, money, and infrastructure that people have dedicated and built on behalf of Bitcoin just stop?” The answer is “No.” BTC has been enduring now for over 10 years and it isn’t going away. However, I do believe it would be a sting to cypto if stable coins were banned. They’ll be looking to make their own coin and force people to use it. It then follows that they could prohibit people from trading BTC using their stable coin. But that would lead them to ban other types of transactions as well and that would be the beginning of the end of a free market. Of course, the cult would love to have us all on their stable coin so they can control everyone’s commerce but that is a huge step and perhaps a long way off. They’re not creating their own stable coin just yet, however crypto is now definitely on their radar. And that means they’re afraid of it. This is just FUD and “noise” that we should all acknowledge but in the end ignore.

  3. The stablecoin situation is indeed tricky. I would say that, if the ban is adopted, a vast majority would go into Bitcoin and other solid altcoins (mineable, PoW kind of blockchains (Litecoin, Digibyte, etc)).

    Other than that, to get into crypto you would need “real money” (not just a stablecoin representing money) and that will push for further development of the space to solve this problem. You might also see an increase in OTC trading. Overall I am weirdly positive about this.

  4. They are scared! Every dollar put in stable coins is just another dollar they need to print!

  5. But why would the ‘officials’ even recognize the stable-coins as ‘coins’ if they don’t even recognize the Bitcoin? I mean why do they even care?

  6. Dear Crypto spammer tweet reader , have a look a divergence + diamond pattern TF 4 hours … I make your job , you are welcome!

  7. Hey Carl,

    What if we rephrase it like this: The Financial Stability Board, recommends banning stable coins to the Central Bank. Then it’s not so Fuddy.

  8. Perpetual hodler here. Don’t give a damn about it going down. When the hell is it going up?

    *I’m still dollar cost averaging in BTC.

  10. Just ordered the backup bundle with a Nano X and Nano S, can’t wait for it to arrive, thx Carl!

  11. I remember Bitcoin doing fine before Tether and company started coming into the party, so we just go back to that.

  12. For a while now its been about the Pandemic but the truth is while we home we should lay our hands on something productive than watching Netflix and doing TikTok videos. As for me i trade with Josephine Raymond to increase my crypto and so far the results has been massive

  13. 1.3 Btc made for 5 weeks consecutively as i invested 0.3BTc into Josephine’s trading signals.

  14. A false account manager i Meet on Instagram conned me off 6 Btc . I literally cried my eyes out till i came across Josephine Raymond. She helped me gain back my loses in 2 weeks trading with her.

  15. @animeswitch They can only get people to use their inflation financial suicide coins by outlawing any viable alternative.

  16. @Alvaro It’s too draconian, and would be political suicide during these times when they are hated passionately…But stablecoins they have a semi-excuse

  17. @Rob Not something existing, and it being legal and in use are completely different.
    Sure it’s just a recommendation at the moment
    . But you really think massive companies with billions invested are going to be non compliant with the law? If there is a ban in stable coins.
    People hate KYC yet its here

  18. End the fed. End the dollar. End centralized banking along with fractional reserve lending.

  19. Norman M. Time Will show that people like you been played with bunch of scammers and criminals which are created bitcoin and other crypto crap..

  20. andrew cosgrave-lyons realistic is that Dai and USDX of Kava are not connected with banks – tether is – or others – to eliminate stable coin that are trustless and not connected with banks – they should close all centralized exchange – I don’t think will happen – I am in this space for long …i read 1000 of these nees

  21. They care because it kills liquidity for cryptos. I have sent over a large portion of my savings into usdc to use as ammo for buying on dips. Not only am I getting interest to hold usdc….but it’s out of the banking cartel’s hands

  22. @Rob Not why are you talking about banks.
    Were talking about government not banks.
    Governments can easily put in place this kinda legislation.
    KYC, aml for example.
    Exchanges complied.
    What makes you think an exchange would not comply with the law?

  23. Alvaro bc they can’t that’s why decentralization is so important people will find out soon enough

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  25. Not a bad idea to check him out. He has been of immense help to me with respect to trading crypto

  26. It’s nice to have that reassurance that you can rely on someone when trading an asset as spontaneous as bitcoin and right from his training session, I felt at ease and have been ever since when trading

  27. James Crown did a phenomenal job in developing his strategy and making his signal available to other traders. I’ve worked with James for about a year now and he is a professional and have delivered solutions well above my expectations!

  28. I was able to generate a profit of about 50,000$ in 2 weeks of trading with his signal. i definitely recommend him for anyone searching

  29. They cns ban bitcoin if they want, but they can’t stop it. They could outlaw it and through KYC they will find out if you trade it or hodl.

  30. carl is a bitcoin maximalist who hodls btc and not a trader. he needs to pump btc at any cost by also fudding any all cryptos that are not btc.

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