BOUNCE Overdue?? | Bakkt Delayed Until January 24th

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Bitcoin Technical Analysis & Bitcoin News Today: The Bakkt exchange is delayed until January 2019. The Bitcoin price is oversold according to the RSI. Will the Bitcoin price bounce soon? I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. Watch the video to learn more!

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0:48 Fear, Panic & Oversold
4:21 Bounce Or $3k?
8:15 Logarithmic Chart
11:13 Perspective
11:58 Tom Lee
13:43 Bitcoin As Payment
15:21 Colourful Storage
15:52 Bakkt Delayed


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BOUNCE Overdue?? | Bakkt Delayed Until January 24th


  1. Fear is being pumped into the market. I think even some big youtubers have been ‘gotten to’

  2. I seriosly disagree with you Carl on this one. Almost all the time i agree with you, but not on this one. I think we gonna see 3.6k, that might be the bottom, who knows.
    I think we gonna see more down movement. We will see!

  3. This coused by two assholes from BCH camp to fund their hash war. They are selling BTC they accumulated to be able to fight. But don’t worry,as price of BTC goes down,soon it will become so unprofitable and plain stupid to continue.

  4. Carl dont you believe the timing of BAKKT releasing the news about the delay is questionable? Surely they have known for a while that they would not be launching in December.

  5. Good video as usual! Will continue to dollar cost average with caution!

    Need to keep position outside Fiat system!

  6. Thanks Carl for your great break down of this market… helps us guys in serious loss situations see a bright light… would be very happy if bull run starts by end of january..

  7. Yes kind of, however the delay is so insignificant, so I’m not sure why they’d try to manipulate the market with just a 1month delay? If they said, Bakkt will wait until END of 2019, then yeah, that would maybe have an effect on the market I think.

  8. Yes, I’ve seen some YouTubers really express some anger and fear in their live-streams and videos. I try to stay level-headed in this little dip we’re having here 🙂

  9. Well, I don’t see any bigger reasons, fundamentally, for us to go down to 3 k, but hey, anything is possible!

  10. I’ll go down with the ship… I an’t selling nothing.. cus its what they want you do to.. I’ll just set an alarm to go off once it gets back to good levels so i i know its on the rise again! Otherwise gonna take a break from looking at the charts for a while.. i’ll take a sneak peak over christmas tho 🙂

  11. BAKKT delay FUD/FOMO not really. This is expected and i will explain why. It is normal that a new year comes with new regulations, and many countries have already flagged that, ICE is in a global market and must adapt. BAKKT needs that time from 1 Jan to implement wath is needed for Bakkt so they don’t get downtime when they are live. But there is a question i have raised for myself that is worth telling about. We know institutions already are in crypto and they are scooping up cheep coins for the moment, that means that many exchanges have institutions trading on them. There is likely they will move their assets to bakt and Fidelity and leave a vacuum on the biggest exchanges. The result of them leaving can create a volatility or a flat line with no trade. Every action have a reaction. This will also narrow the use case of BTC and it will be a store of value in a higher grade than we see today and i guess it will lose some use cases like buy coffee, but you buy house white it, and the reason for that is power consumption and there is altcoins that is better suited for day to day shopping and small buy. We are seeing a crypto ecosystem building up and the fundamentals haven’t change but tec have. Ripple/XRP might be a tool for Banks even if i hate that coin and doubt that coin because of a long list of reason!, i hope stellar can do that. Electroneum is the coin that is closest to mass adoption with one of the highest numbers of users, so i guess they will do a lot in over the counter trade and they have KYC/AML and back office for retailers made for lawyers and accountants people. BTC can grab the position of being the gold standard in crypto because it is in position to do that, the only threat BTC got is XRP and i really hope it won’t happen, but it can.

  12. This market moves very fast. I feel since BAKTT and the SEC have very close ties it wouldn’t surprise me if they agreed to let the market finish shaking out which will give the SEC alittle more time to make some more money on issuing fines and BAKTT will get more bang for their dollar. One month can make a difference.😳

  13. +The Moon I can see your point, but I have tingling in my spider sense that this market is currently being controlled and manipulated by some seriously huge players (countries, goverments, etc), who are looking to capitalize on low priced bitcoin before it takes off next year.

  14. Clearly he knows TA but he paints the picture he wants folks to see instead of the picture we should see. I agree his bias is BULL even if he attempts to mask it❗️

  15. Remember how many people bought in the day after thanksgiving last year? how different will that be this year? Thanksgiving is tomorrow. Then Black Friday and the whole holiday shopping weekend before Cyber Monday and the rest of holiday shopping week. And kids and Millennials want crypto this year, despite the market crash (after all they can afford more of it now and will use their fiat gifts to buy it, apparently, despite their grandparents’ warnings against it). Coincidence or not, it makes a compelling comparison in a future documentary about crypto.

  16. Words of a true Captain. Good news, the ship cant sink if you dont sell your coins. 😉
    Until the ship’s crew is back I help you with bucket to keep the water away from the ship.

  17. +Crypto Faith what a load of bullshit. Its this type of action with severe pump and dumps that the SEC is trying to prevent. Their job is to weed out scammers and protect interests of the investors. You guys with conspiracy theories are laughable. They are not the South American government body your talking about.

  18. Yeah and thats called centralization where inner parties can manipulate pricing with very little effort. Oh but Bitcoin is decentralized 😢😢

  19. Ok Grasshoper – heard the same ‘line’ in 2013/14/15 – I adopt ‘buy and hold’ long term strategy which is a valid strategy (like Tone Vays ironically) – you keep your money all in Fiat if you like………but remember 2008! Regards!

  20. +R James 2008 in Australia nothing really happened. My fiat was in the bank and it didnt devalue at all. No money devalues unless you trade in other currencies which the average guy doesnt. As for Bitcoin being held for a storage of value, thats laughable

  21. You say no money devalues – how about Iceland 2008, Cyprus 2013, Greece 2015, Germany 1920s or most major cities like London for those trying to buy property since 2008! Anyway I know Australia wasnt so badly affected – gotta go anyway – off out! Thanks for feedback!

  22. +Grass Hopper You dont think that the big boys are manipulating the market so they can get cheap BTC? The whole financial system (including the SEC btw) is one big scam itself, in theory they are supposed to be “protecting” investors but in actuality they help only the legacy scammers, the big banks and institutuions. Yes there are many scammers out there but nothing can compare to the big banks and their scamming of the general public with their monopoly on money printing and bail outs which we all are still paying for out of our taxes. Im in crypto to get away from the legacy banking system, peer to peer is what we want NOT KYC

  23. You speculate BTC is going up.. Then you say you think it will go down… then up and then down …. then you throw in the crystal ball….. LOL it’s all good… nobody knows… but you’re funny sometimes…. great channel BTW.. play that Damn guitar

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