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Carl Eric Martin (The Moon)

BITCOIN UP 800,000,000% The Past 10 Years!!!! | The BTC Price Will Reach $Millions!!

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Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. I like Carl’s analysis for consistency, I can see his reasoning and strategy. They are different from mine so for me it is always a mind-expanding alternative opinion. My bet is that If we always close 15 min candle above 8170$, we are going to 9400$, closing below 8170$ may give us 7500$ or 7200$.

  2. Thank you for making this video. It makes me realize no matter how much I get annoyed by the vast hopium spread across the xrp community, there are similar delusional people in the btc community.

  3. hi Carl, thanks for your content, much appreciated! If I may have your thoughts on the long-term bullish divergence on the daily on XRP from August last year to current?.. significance?..

  4. THANKS for showing us your long position is currently at a loss, and that you are still confident. that takes balls.

  5. I really enjoyed that you showed everyone your trade and it was in the red. BUT I don’t think that falling wedge even exists as you draw it. This is sideways price action, and in the lower time frames its more forming a bearish pennant or bearish rectangle which are continuation patterns, not reversal patterns. In the larger time frame we are in a bearish channel. The upper ceiling is like approx $10100 right now and gets lower each day. BTC has nowhere to go – even if we break to the upside. It would most probably respect that formation on the higher time frames. It has been forming now for several months.

  6. We just had a pump, and a dump. This tells me that we got rid of some junk to start the real journey very soon.
    I wouldn’t hold such a big loss, but my respect for doing so. I hope it all turns out very well for you.

  7. Would you add to your position to reduce your average cost as it’s still in the range you believe holds? Could offer higher returns if you’re right?

  8. When you learn the markets you know btc is going north. im not saying it will not dip south alittle to shake out the weak hands but its going to the 9500-10k area in next couple of weeks.

  9. I am actually currently in the green because I anticipated the dump and had a limit order at 8200 that was triggered for the rise up.

  10. bitcoin represent more the ideology of freedom than a tech. Its tech is already obsolete. Blockchain tech is improved by others projects.

  11. Is it just me or…
    First they ignore bitcoin – Check
    Then they laugh at bitcoin – Check
    Then they fight bitcoin – Starting 😉
    Then bitcoin wins

  12. @Martin J Falls Also, the reason I think you think what you think will happen is the whales are trying to program us to think that! If you look at the price action over the past we always go back to 9.5K-10K and I believe it’s going to turn into a bull trap in my opinion! Everyone thinks and wants to think we will keep returning to that point because in the past we had! But that is called brainwashing! The whales are trying to get our minds to think of bitcoin as 10K being normal and they were successful! (There are many buyers who’re financially stuck up there now and their money will be stuck there till next spring if the media does not take hold of bitcoin this fall! OR, they will sell at a loss/huge loss! Which is why they lowered the price further because their entire goal is to get people to buy in at high/higher prices so that they can lower the price so badly that people will sell out of fear of being broke all winter so buyers will sell at the low point! Winter is the hardest time of the year! Unless the media takes hold of bitcoin we will go nowhere this winter! People would rather have their money in their pocket! But come next spring! BOING! Going on up, halving event, bitcoin WILL be in the news! Bitcoin WILL skyrocket at that time!

  13. There is only a few guys like you on youtube in order to cryptocurrency, keep going, greetings from Poland and please dont change as a human.

  14. Bitcoin was replicating chart from dec-april perfectly until yesterday’s dump. In the next few days it’s either 5k or we’re going to break 8.7k imo

  15. Another amazing video, loved it Moon! I think the majority of people believe BTC is too “expensive”, and will only buy in once an uptrend has been “confirmed” by the bulls. Clever money is accumulating BTC right now, clever money is also accumulating DEX project coins, which is unironically gonna be the future of crypto, once people actually start to care about their privacy. My personal favourite being Blocknet, since it’s the best DEX out there from a technical perspective.

  16. It’s never good to comment on topics that you have no understanding of. You end up looking really foolish.

  17. Carl, i closed my long with a 10% lost, because its a bearflag, a big bearflag, know we should expect a drop until 7180. I am a moon boy like you, but like you said, we should trade in what we see, not what we feel. I am short right know until the 7700 weekly EMA support. Great analysis, thank you for everything.

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