Bitcoin To $4,000? | Bakkt BTC Futures Launch DATE REVEALED!


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Bitcoin Technical Analysis & Bitcoin News Today: Will the Bitcoin price break bearish and go to $4,000? I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction.

1:14 Bitcoin $4,000?
7:04 Price Update
8:21 Bitcoin & Crypto News
9:22 Bakkt
11:14 Fidelity
16:47 Bitcoin Vs. Amazon
18:34 Do We Need Institutions?

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Bitcoin To $4,000? | Bakkt BTC Futures Launch DATE REVEALED!

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  1. In my opinion Average mining cost is 6K, that’s why market is not breaking its structure formed in a horizontal line, even if it did it wont stay there long enough and bounce back between 8-10k levels

  2. Extremely low volume is an indication for trend reversal. Volume moves in “u” shape patterns.

  3. Wish you had explained the logic of transferring the vertical line from the height of the wedge/ descending channel, (where they reach $-12 and $4k) ?

    Would like to have the insight for such an analysis.

    Perhaps you can briefly cover in next video, does it have a name – thanks.

  4. Have a look in log scale, the trend lines will become apparent. Also..everyone seems to bearish;time to go long.

  5. With all respect I don’t see Bitcoin going to $4000. It might dip a little but nothing to worry about.
    A year from now people will regret for not snatching bitcoin at these prices.
    Upside potential is huge compared to the down side risk.

  6. I would prefer a break to the down side because I am continuing to buy BTC and so is my daughter but because BTC production costs are in the $6500 range in western countries I believe that Bitmain will always defend this number and slowly raise it until market forces step in. Bitmain has $16 billion in assets and no other revenue stream. What would you do if you were them?

  7. That was a fantastic video as usual. Thank you. I sent it to my whole family. 👍🏼👍🏼🇺🇸🇺🇸

  8. Hello everyone, i will be teaching only the first 50 people to comment “INFO” on this post, on how to earn 0.7btc after 3 hours daily.
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  9. Hello everyone, i will be teaching only the first 50 people to comment “INFO” on this post, on how to earn 0.7btc after 3 hours daily.
    Payments goes directly to your wallet.
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  10. your half right ..But we need to bounce of the 8 year trend line to get a legitimate upwards movement. Look up golden chart.. we need a small capitulation before moon boys get crazy…

  11. Correct no different to whem Btc hung around the $180 mark. This was the average cost to mine back then and the miners never sold keeping it in a range for a long time

  12. Have you consodered the compound fulcrum pattern reversal lining up with bakkt and Starbucks accepting digital assets?

  13. I really don’t care for short-term, we can go to 3k, I don’t care, the lower we go, the more insane buy volume will be

  14. I think $4.5k to $3.5k is reasonable.
    Although I do think we could reach $6k again next year.

    But what do I know?

  15. I am also a victim to the success in trading using his trading policy,there is no risk like hodling.

  16. Carl, big fan of yours. I watched your video on Gold a couple of days a go. I was in bitcoin before gold so i dont know as much about it so have very little. Do you buy paper or/and physical gold? I ask you because alot of the gold info on youtube is pro physical that just so happen to be gold sellers. . shock! keep up the great vids, love your honesty of the market

  17. +Mr Who 2.5k will not happen it can’t , 6000 will be defended by the bulls till the bigg players jump in , you will shoot yourself in the head because you where to stupid to wait for a 2.5k bitcoin price wich is way to low because of the production cost right now and al the extreme positive news is pointing to the other direction wich is up up up

  18. +Michael Manfro The problem with the majority of people is that they keep changing their mind, because they’re too emotional or don’t know what they’re doing. One week they are bullish second week bearish. That way you’ll never make money because daytrading doesn’t work in crypto. How about if you stick to your plan for 1-3 months? That’s how you sell the top and buy the bottom at 30-50 % discount.

  19. Smooth Operator that’s what short term TA does to you. It’s worthless unless you day trade for a living.

  20. +Remco laken am ignorent pesant but would not the big players drive the price down before entering. At this point there is no liquidity you need panic sellers to fill big orders what better way to achieve that then going below production cost and smashing this long standing bottom.

  21. Tanec Tanec see everyone in 2022. Those that bought at the high, and sold at the low, can cry then. 4 years, snap your finger!

  22. Agree about individual buyer not being able to buy one Bitcoin. I believe this will occur by 2020. 17 million bitcoins, 36 million millionaires worldwide. When the store of value is recognized, and millionaires want their Bitcoin, one 1/2 Bitcoin will be available for those coming in last. .22 to .28 will put an individual in the top 1%. But at those prices, even that slice will be to expensive. Unlike silver, and gold, there is no more, than the 17 million available.

  23. Volume contraction is typical as price moves into the apex of triangle formations. Volume will matter on the breakout.

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