Bitcoin To $30,000 When Institutions Join 2019 | Will BTC Reach $400,000 By September 2021?

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Bitcoin Technical Analysis & Bitcoin News Today: Can the Bitcoin price reach $30,000 by 2019? Well, the institutional investors are buying Bitcoin, and my Bitcoin price prediction takes that into account. To make this Bitcoin price prediction accurate I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price, but also take a look at the Bitcoin fundamentals that are very bullish right now. Watch the video to learn more!

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Bitcoin To $30,000 When Institutions Join 2019 | Will BTC Reach $400,000 By September 2021?


  1. I told you.. No need to talk a lot, BTC will just dive down below $2,000 and maneuvering at that range for a long time…

  2. It looks way top optimistic to me. I think ATH not before 2023 or later. Now traders can have a large bearish impact by leverage shorting which was not possible during previous bull run. This keeps the prices in a range which we may never break out of. Swing trading 10x at $1000 each is the same as one bull run of $10000.

  3. Just a 30k subs for a million subs quality content Carl I think I am lucky cuz I was there early, so when you hit a million subs a lot of newcomers are came out of fomo and I am gonna say I was there during the bear market and we buy low and we hodl

  4. If all the institutional entries (BAKKT – ETF’s – Nasdaq etc) are going to be launched as planned early 2019 (doubtful), THEN we will see an enormous bull-run by Q2 heading into large six figures for BTC!!

  5. Nice vid Carl, but why such confidence in bitcoin? – it keeps on getting forked (even forks of forks). You can’t fork gold.

  6. Sure buddy this bear market will last for years. Next year this time around nobody will talk about bitcoin anymore.

  7. Yeah, the ones who subbed during the bear market will always be the real OG’s! Thanks for watching! 🙂

  8. There is way too many positive news out there about btc this will take months if not a year or so to turn around

  9. You do realise that as btc mining difficulty falls , as it is doing now, more btc becomes available, the price falls and the difficulty falls again, do you actually understand the fundamentals Carl?

  10. +CanesFan65 people are still bullish, there is room for more traps. people have not capitulated, i blame bullish youtubers for that

  11. how on Earth can anyone build a productive infrastructure with price swings like this. yeah sure it’s great for traders but try to run a business on it it’s garbage.

  12. +CanesFan65 Ugly is going to be when people stop believing in Bitcoin. I still see people shilling Bitcoin everywhere on Youtube and other forums. When all of that comes to and end it’s going to get pretty ugly.

  13. toppips1 … exactly! Which is why there will be yet another 80+ % pullback after the next bull-run!

  14. gold kept low by manipulation true value much higher , bitcoin once etf launched the same atm but things will change good crypto, gold /silver will rise eventually big time

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