Bitcoin To $144,000 | AurumCoin Mooning On Coinmarketcap?! Hmmm…


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Bitcoin Technical Analysis & Bitcoin News Today: AurumCoin went crazy on Coinmarketcap, why? Bitcoin is still in the rising wedge, so where will the Bitcoin price go? Also, I want to make a Bitcoin price prediction based on a research out of Initial Coin Offering (ICO) advisory firm Satis Group. They are bullish on the Bitcoin price for 2018, 2019 and beyond. And also as always, I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction.

0:50 2 Heads & 4 Shoulders
8:11 Small Rising Wedge
9:20 AurumCoin
13:11 Bitcoin To $144,00

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Bitcoin To $144,000 | AurumCoin Mooning On Coinmarketcap?! Hmmm…

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  1. The price prediction by satis should be taken lightly. It’s just one groups opinion with their own biases. Personally, I disagree with a lot of their predictions

  2. Is a nonesense to say that we only need one platform. We can èrfectly have few platforms like Neo, EOS and ADA succeded at the same time. The ecosystem is going to be hughe and there is space for a few not only one.

  3. Awesome info Carl….the info on xrp was much needed for newbies@!! TAKE CARE AND HEALTH $ HAPPINESS ALWAYS MY BROTHER FROM ANOTHER MOTHER…LOL…BLESSINGS……

  4. Carl I encourage you take a deeper look at XRP. I hate banks as much as any of us do but there is a much broader perspective to Ripple and XRP. That said appreciate your vids!

  5. I agree why go back to banks. Except you know as well as everyone else that the banks are not going to be cut out. Plus we know so countries are banning privacy coins. Either way the future is going to be interesting.

  6. The Moon Hey Carl love your vids. Agree with you on most points, your a smart guy, except
    for xrp, ripple run less than 50% nodes now and they are working for xrp replacing nosto accounts and swift system, etc. all the best.

  7. weiss ratings,satisgroup,etc blah blah..just like religion,they have their own doctrine,(crystal ball)to predict the future of specific seems that they are the modern nutradamus..this is the biggest fud that ive ever heard this year..XRP community just HODL!

  8. 144k in ten years? Considering BTC history, as well as the current monetary issues worldwide, I’d say that is a huge underestimation. Turkish Lira and Argentine Peso crashed this week…certainly more to come. Love your analysis – thank you.

  9. I think their prices are a little low, especially in year 5-10.

    XRP is decentralized, there are plenty of articles explaining, thoroughly, the decentralization and how ripple works.

  10. Re the banks – you are CORRECT. The Wall Street Commercial Investment houses are building financial products off of BTC & the pace at which new products are being created seems to be picking up. Banks always find a way to make a profit off of anything investors have an interest in. I assume you are aware of ‘BAAKT’.

  11. the coins that are red n dying are gonna moon .. don’t sell it is a trap. keep in mind bitcoin itself is useless. slow and expensive vs some altcoins. when the bull run comes the little coins will drain bitcoin.

  12. Thanks Carl – Good to see veteran trader ‘Ugly Old Goat’ has broken with his friend Tone Vays and turned bullish – see Medium article 30/31 August 2018

  13. Why you say that XRP is Centralized? Do you really have that information? Are you awere that Ripple owns less than 50% of the Ledger nodes? And Bitcoin is almost manage by 4 Minning pools? Please want to discuss this point with you Carl. There is a lot of information about why XRP is not anymore centralized.

  14. It grew rapidly, But now they have reached a market cap high enouph to get attention.
    It is Not so special to Go from 1 to 100 bil, the wins are not this big for All the smart Money.
    But when think Ing ahead you must now take i to consideration that the assumed Rise is so big, that Wales invest immedjately.
    Say Bill gates when bc Was Wörth 1 Bio cant really bet on it without changing the price, But if IT is 200k in average and you have 100k FREE you have 3 Mio.

  15. I like your video’s but I do disagree on XRP and also a bit on your view against banks. I will try to reason and eloborate on my thoughts, experience and education. I just wan’t to point out that I also don’t really like banks, but they are here and not going away any time soon. Maybe never. The young generation like you (and also kind of me) were young with the last recession, so a bad thought on banks is higher with young people then with older people. The banks will also adjust to there new surroundings and in a way, their control is sometimes also a good thing.

    I’ll give you one example when this was a good thing. The reason why most companies (80% to 90%) go bankrupt is because of bad management. I know this because a university did a research on this topic. Everyone can start a company, but could not have the technical knowledge to run the financial part of it. From my own experience as a business analyst, I know that sometimes it’s good that a bank intervenes in a company because of bad management of resources. If the banks hadn’t intervened, the company would have gone bankrupt for sure. That means other companies wouldn’t get their money for goods and services already provided. Of course the bank intervened because they loaned the company a lot of money. Also a service a bank provides.

  16. yes the estimate is pretty conservative with BTC, you can not really underestimate FOMO, bitcoin is still in its early years. with XMR i think the report has a valid point, once btc gets mainstream, people would not want prying eyes snooping into their BTC address. Thus it would be sensible to store a stash in a privacy coin for security purposes.

  17. XRP owners own 70% of its coins and they has incentive to make themself rich by pumping it by good news saying all banks uses it but up to now no bank changed its swift system to replace with Ripple. Every one says we will try that doesn’t means all banks will use it.SWIFT will not sit and see if competition is coming and garbing its market share.

  18. 144K next month! That’s more likely considering the global economy pegged to the dollar is getting wrecked! DigiByte FTW!

  19. Anyone that does not buy at least some XRP have made a grave error. Between 18 and 25 dollars in 2 to 3 years time. Look at 2014 charts you’ll be amazed.

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