Bitcoin SELL-OFF & Then a Bounce?? | South American BTC Volume ATH!! | Tommy Robinson


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1:35 Bitcoin Technical Analysis
9:34 Low Volatility
11:18 Free Ross Ulbricht
13:09 Tommy Robinson
17:09 South American Inflation & BTC

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Tommy Robinson Turns to Bitcoin After Being Banned From PayPal

Bitcoin SELL-OFF & Then a Bounce?? | South American BTC Volume ATH!! | Tommy Robinson

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  1. I agree Carl, censorship hurts everyone and PayPal is a fascist organization but keep it going PayPal, so crypto can MOON while you will become useless and worthless..

  2. the fundamentals are too strong for crypto and blockchain to fail. we can have freedom from government, freedom of association and business, and freedom from a corrupt monetary system. im a long term bull all the way

  3. My PayPal account got locked for a time for a reason I never could figure out so I switch to Square for my mobile card swipe payments.

  4. Short it, do it.
    I’m telling you. This is the final shakeout, it will go back up just as fast now. This is a flashcrash signifying the end of the bearmarket. It’s 2014 all over again.

  5. I was also blocked by paypal with strange reasoning. They can find or construct any reason to block someones account if they like. Real censorship the centralized paypal. This cries for crypto as a means of exchange!

  6. I knew it, it happens if Nobody is ready for.
    Lower Low or lowest Low and there is a pos for a lot lower.

  7. +Erwache I take Fascism to mean authoritarianism, and oppressive, intolerance of views. I know Google likes to throw in nationalistic and ” right wing” but I believe it to be false, it can be easily either wing or exist outside of patriotism or nationalism

  8. +Quattrings well what im saying these companies are swarming with cultural marxists. Critcal theory is their way of thinking

  9. +Erwache agree and I hate them all. I despise the censorship by big tech and this mess of controlled information we are seeing everywhere. This is the twilight zone in real life.

  10. We definitely going to the moon soon.
    The bigger the price reversal the bigger the next bullrun so we don’t need to worry.
    Gotta be patient in this game 🤑

  11. The point about paypal or whoever, able to censor speech, or money transfers here, is a problem. But Tommy Robinson probably isn’t a good example lol. He’s not just some guy being censored. He’s not just a racist. He’s a highly influential public figure.

    Free speech never means absolute freedom to say anything, under any circumstances. Historically, free speech ends at incitement. Hate speech, for example, isn’t necessarily incitement. Incitement is when there’s a reasonable expectation that your words will influence people to commit crimes. That is not protected under the law, and justifiably in the eyes of many, many people.

    For example, me, having no online influence, posting something telling people to do something, won’t fall under incitement in various countries. Tommy Robinson, on the other hand, because of his huge following, if he tells people to commit crimes (like hate speech, harassment, assault) that can easily satisfy the definition of incitement.

    Many people want this type of regulation/control, to be able to make crime more difficult, etc. Like with Iran, we’ve got govs using their soft power or whatever to dictate who can do what. But that’s pretty traditional, that’s kind of the point for a lot of people.They like the idea that drug dealers, gangs, organized crime, terrorists, rogue states, whatever, are regulated and prosecuted out of the banking, trading systems, etc.

    Now, if you understand geopolitics and see the Iran situation as clearly unfair, you would prefer a decentralized system like bitcoin, where 3rd party sanctions are impossible. Only democratic boycotts would work, where the market decides not to transact with a certain entity.

    But on the flipside, those same people might not want Tommy Robinson being able to lead large crowds of violent racists.

    It shows the pros and cons. You can’t use economic warfare like in the case of Iran, but you can’t enforce laws meant to curb things like incitement, like with Tommy Robinson.

    Tommy Robinson was the wrong example to use to make a case FOR the decentralization of currency, payments. lol

  12. RE Paypal, this is Soros’ work, he just bought a slice of paypal so he could further his globalist agenda in more nefarious ways.

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