Bitcoin Reversal Signs! | KFC Accepting Crypto | TenX Founder ‘Julian Hosp’ Promoting Pyramid Scheme

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Bitcoin Technical Analysis & Bitcoin News Today: Is Julian Hosp, the president, CEO and founder of the crypto company TenX a scam artist? Well, evidence suggests that the TenX founder has been involved with a pyramid scheme called Lyoness. Also, I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. There are some bullish Bitcoin signs right now, so watch the video to learn more!


1:06 Bitcoin Technical Analysis
10:52 KFC Accepting Dash
14:05 ICO's In Crisis
16:21 TenX Julian Hosp

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Julian Hosp of TenX first steps on pyramid schemes / scams

Bitcoin Reversal Signs! | KFC Accepting Crypto | TenX Founder 'Julian Hosp' Promoting Pyramid Scheme

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Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. I know Julian H. for 1,5 years now ( of course only through the internet and not in person, I never talked to him)but he always seemed very honest to me. I speak German so for me it easy to understand/interpret what he is saying. Anyways I have a hard time believing that he is/was involved in some scammy stuff.
    As alway great content 🙂

  2. Let it bleed. Most crypto has very little use case. Maybe this will push dev’s to speed things up so crypto will have a real use case without crashing like crypto kitties did to eth.

  3. “Most crypto has very little use case.” Yes, that’s why I like XRP. It has a real use case with the banks.

  4. Carl what do you think of crypto kirby trading vieuw on the market, it looks like we just entered 2nd half of the bearmarket, expecting fireworks in 2019? i dont have that feeling but who am I😎

  5. Julian sold US snake Oil or Useless token TENX . Julian Hosp is a natural Lier and brought that skill to crypto .

  6. Too many people are expecting a sudden economic collapse. It’s become conventional wisdom. Its more likely that we’ll get a slow grinding contraction. Also too many are still waiting for a big reversal in cryptos. More likely is a long tiring bump along the bottom to wring out all the hopers and hodlers and useless overhyped coins. And that is better than becoming Venezuela with people killing each other and starving in the streets!

  7. Carl!! Check OST, they will have 300 million users in 2019. Currently down 98%. 60+ employers and still growing. Don’t miss this one !

  8. Smashed the likes. Let’s hope for the best, but weekly volume is still too low to get out of bear territory.

  9. I’m holding BTC just to upset the banks, if it drops right down then I’ll buy your coins when you sell. If nothing else just to annoy the banking cartel and their market manipulators ‘trying to tame BTC’… LOL.

  10. Hosp? Julian Hosp?

    He is a big scammer in the world of Crypto!
    I ordered and paid for the TenX Card and it never came.
    I have sent many emails and never received a 1 reply.
    I want my money back and I never got that!

  11. Buying at 3000 is still to positive, I think it will go lower than that due to the fact we are getting close to the end of the year where a lott of people will close their books with a full year of loss

  12. I think that’s not fair. He has done a lot for mainstream acceptance and still does. TenX was originally useful, but unfortunately it was forbidden by higher authorities.

  13. 100% true. everyone thinks we’re going to capitulate, meanwhile it may not happen like that. people are saying that we will go under 3000.. that may not happen either

  14. You have to admit we are due but I hear what your saying. Wish my crystal ball actually worked so I knew what to do. I’m clueless at the minute.

  15. I’m hoping for slow steady growth. Not a fan of trying to guess which way it’s going and getting caught like a deer in the headlights.

  16. its crypto anything can happen but my own guess is sideways for a long time im here for at least ten years so i dont care lol

  17. Whatever this AVG Joe says it happens exactly opposite..but fundamentals he explains Very well

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