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Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. I want that rainbow chart as a background image on my computer desktop automatically updating when time goes on.

  2. Im 2019 student so i dont get any money, so i have to work two jobs paying minimum wage but everyone gets two grand for sitting home huh

  3. I’m gonna show you EXACTLY what’s going to happen in the next few years – lmao

  4. If the FSB recommendations go through one day and they regulate or ban stable coins, then that will pave the way for the US to have their own digital dollar in order to get out of this mess. From there, they’ll see the accumulated market cap in BTC and create an onramp using the new digital dollar. Since there is no way for them to stop BTC, what I believe is that they will use the DUSD to track and TAX THE F*&K out of our gains when we go to sell. Could be worse; at least we’ll have the resources to buy food while everyone else is starving and working in gov’t backed unions for minimum wage. Watch the “Hunger Games”; that’s the future if this doesn’t get fixed fast.

  5. What will happen to btc price if electricity will become cheaper? In my country electricity price will be reduced by more than 10% , how it will effect mining profitability? What if BTC instead to go to the moon, will just make electricity much cheaper?

  6. Lets see the FED give US citizen $2,000 a month of psychical gold, that will help the situation but not the bankers.

  7. They surely cant purge trillions per month on a stimulus package. Totally unsustainable over time.

    330,000,000 citizens x $2000 per month. Crazy…

  8. When will u guys learn? Boss chk the dow market wen the dow pumps btc pump, so any fed or stimulus pack is advantage for btc and stocks :). Enjoy the free money and US will always stay ahead come what may. Let US print more money best for btc. Usa is not veneuzela they will tackle it anyhow but right now enjoy the free ride of money haaaaa.

  9. i’m from Venezuela, in my experience when the gov prints money to fix things, they are just trying to fix a problem creating another problem, that means printing money just buys time and the problem gets bigger and bigger, when you try again to buys more time “by printing more money” it becomes expensive and expensive. is just a bomb. sorry for my english!

  10. VIBELABTV they do if it have trump’s signature on it. Still can’t believe checks were delay because of that it sound so unbelievable.

  11. Amazing to know with all the taxes we pay, government does not have a savings account on the side for something like this, and they just printing money out of the thin air.

  12. Dude, you sound like a broken record. When a fiat currency fails, they just start a new one. Governments are never going to relinquish their control over money.

  13. “And if you think that sounds interesting then you definitely sdfkrnsjdkfnfkslrnrjfufk” like wtf man ahahahhaha

  14. @Barn Casino…In the nicest possible way that’s a terrible way to look at it sir. If you want to be successful you have to see it as an opportunity not in this cynical way. Please change your mindset before it costs you in future success. Take care and good luck 🙂

  15. Barn Casino the stimulus check is non-taxable. It won’t increase the amount of taxes you would normally need to pay.

  16. Well with forex you can use little to get more . Invested with an expert trader named Ryan and i recieved 450$ weekly out of my $100 capital .

  17. 10% is not that much, also I don’t think it’s valid for industrial consumers.
    Electricity should go way more cheaper worldwide to have a major influence.

  18. @Barn Casino….It wasn’t the answer i was expecting lol but i believe in respecting everyones view. Anyway i hope you make life changing amounts sir with crypto.Take care and good luck 🙂

  19. You can still get money even if you didn’t do taxes at all and you made zero income it’s called nonfilers it’s on the IRS website look it up

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