BITCOIN NEWS: Bitcoin Price FALLING Due To Manipulation? | Coinbase & Binance Down THEN DUMP!

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Carl Eric Martin (The Moon)

BITCOIN NEWS: Bitcoin Price FALLING Due To Manipulation? | Coinbase & Binance Down THEN DUMP!

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Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. Just as there was a huge pump on the 50/200 death cross, there was a dump on the 50/200 golden cross. Seems like whale mischief to scare people out of their position against the trend of the market.

  2. Carl, the trend is not broken. we have made a higher. and this dump was just a back test of 9268. so no stress

  3. As you would say, “these gaps, they do tend to fill, sooner, rather than later”. Most obvious issue with the $8,500 area gap is that it breaks your exact conclusion…….that is an old gap, within the context of other gaps that have occurred, and have promptly filled, per your theory. If this lower one fills, it will indeed be a uniquely different timed event. Great video as always Carl, thank you πŸ™!

  4. It’s not coincidence when this is not the first time. Last year I remember coinbase down when market super dumped

  5. Let’s not look into this drop too much.. it’ll be over 10k again in no time.. Don’t get shaken out..

  6. Could you please explain in one of your videos that why exactly do the gaps happen in bitcoin’s chart and why do they tend to be filled?

  7. cryptojohn yes 7.7k will never get filled I’m sorry refilled. Carl you are right again my man!

  8. @Crypto Revolution 2018… It’s not God who is going to make the decisions to make money with Bitcoin…it’s your mindset, psychology and emotional intelligence….Good luck my friend πŸ™‚

  9. People just like to hear what pleases and comforts them then take it for granted. Anyone who can properly read a chart can tell that what he said made no sense.

  10. They are destroying the market. When people (retail) don’t trust, they don’t put their money there.

  11. IMO this was a coordinated disconnection of the two largest exchanges because I believe they were tipped off by some whale who wanted to off load some BTC and the maintenance prevents extreme slippage in the price.

  12. Carl I’ve seen your confidence grow so much the past couple years, I miss the sweater vests lol keep up the good work brother and god bless.

  13. @TRADE ASSISTANT….I’m not sure about the religious zealot bit lol. I just hope everyone can make life-changing amounts in this greatest opportunity of a life time and not get distracted by aspects which may not help you in achieving your goal. I set up a simple you tube channel to help people on being successful by having a strong mindset based on my 40 years experience in money markets. I only have about 130 subscribers but that is 130 more than i expected lol. Take care and good luck my friend πŸ™‚

  14. We like to pretend that the crypto market adheres to the same regulations as traditional markets, but it doesn’t.

  15. @Jo Hn haha… explain how Bitcoin fits the definition of Ponzi scheme. Then explain how dollar is not a Ponzi.

  16. @just passing throughDigital currency already exist bud. And the blockchain cant even compete with VISA. The blockchain is decentralized, while VISA is centralized. Makes it a lose lose situation.

    People in crypto will wait endlessly for a x500 just like the people back at pennystock waited for a euphoria bull market to never to happen again. Because that’s all they know, is that crypto does x1000.

    In each decade, theres a ponzi scheme and then you have the cockroaches from youtube to cover up the trend of the year with no back up history what so ever.

    Even CME sells BTC crap on paper. Does that ring a bell to any commodities that comes to mind?

    They should ban all crypto, but since the government is not for the people, rather they will take every penny they can from the public by controlling the ponzi scheme and rise it up just enough for the burger flippers to join in for the next bloodbath.

    The dollar scheme is already integrated and will remain until you see the “rise and fall of the united states” in the history books. Get out of fantasy land.

  17. @Jo Hn USD is toast. Gold is ok, but requires trust, we all know how that works… BTC is trustless money, millennials get it. Get over your inflated opinions.

  18. It’s really true that signals and predictions do fail. But if everyone trades equally, then, there won’t be any space for the recognition of prominent traders of our time. I still remain thankful to Mrs Anastasiabxforex who trades for me. She remains my best trader with her wonderful strategies.

  19. There are rules governing trades and that’s why employing the services of master class traders is of great importance.

    Anyway, I am also living happily and satisfied trading with Mrs Anastasia. She is more than a professional!

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