BITCOIN MOVE IMMINENT!! | BTC Fibonacci Analysis | Average BTC Buyer Is In Profit


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Bitcoin Technical Analysis & Bitcoin News Today: I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. Watch the video to learn more!

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0:43 Fibonacci Analysis
5:38 Bitcoin Today
14:27 BTC Survey
16:16 BTC Ransomware
18:52 BTC Average Buy In

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My BitMEX Tutorial:

BITCOIN MOVE IMMINENT!! | BTC Fibonacci Analysis | Average BTC Buyer Is In Profit

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  1. even if we start a bull run why are so many indicator showing “correction” RSI NVT.. there must be a correction coming has to be !.

  2. A bullish break out will should result in a stronger correction. There are many fake outs I already been stung once (never again) When is BTC due for a serious correction ?

  3. Probably Bitcoin, but others game theories such as HEX are coming out and, in this case, it will be the first CD Investment.. People will have an incentive to stake and not to trade.. How? By giving less reward to miners and more to hodlers

  4. Old generation doesnโ€™t believe in Bitcoin, even new millennial laugh at about this. But weโ€™re going to laugh in the end on 2021 ๐Ÿ˜‚

    Keep the good videos Carl!

  5. Litecoin can provide on-chain transaction solutions for Bitcoin via the Lightning network.

  6. Agree: Daily fibs will play out, but I think this is the final one. 50D will cross the 200D shortly, and combined with a break above 61.8 will signal new bull market. Price is too far out of wack with the fundimentals, global market instability (aka bubble), institutional entry soon…so I suspect we will see major fomo effects in 2019.

  7. I like your videos, watch everyday but Btc is slow and if it were easy to introduce a second layer solution it would have been done already. Please don’t suggest LN is the answer. I like your channel because you are realistic please don’t state things that aren’t true to “prop” up any digital asset.

  8. +Jasoneo5 Could be but the problem is that we don’t know the exact time when it will fall down. Same story at 6k, we went sideways until everyone were convinced 6k support cannot be broken.

  9. No doubt. Carl .618 is the most common retrace in crypto. Weโ€™ve seen similar retracements of most alts in the last couple months. Bear market isnโ€™t over until this cycle is broken.

  10. Bitcoin breaking market structure and the 61.8% fibinochi retracement level. OMG cool ๐Ÿ˜Ž

  11. Hi Carl, I enjoy your videos. Is there anything of interest in looking at the lows in regards to market structure?

  12. +Tyler Wilson I disagree about condescendingly. I bought Bitcoin when it was about ยฃ300. My age has nothing to do with that. In fact age is only history and we learn from it. We do not even know which person(s) created the Bitcoin tech. They could have been any age and I do not care how old they are. Division is not good. Bitcoin is for everyone – hopefully and not some screwed up notion of us versus them..

  13. Brilliant observation with the fib, just one more thing that shows how important the next big move is.

  14. Why can’t the whole world just get on board with bitcoin and it just jump into outer space and stay there?

  15. there are allot of crypto currency`s that are in a head and shoulder patterne pls carl do some TA of alts

  16. It’s NOT an “us versus them”, solely within the realm of retail investors. It’s an “us versus them” in regards to retail investors versus institutional power brokers, who sit on their thrones in the Colosseums of monetary exchange, giving their “thumbs-down” to the crypto-gladiators.

  17. Very detailed analysis. A must-see video to save time. With your video, I don’t need to look at it by myself.

  18. totally agreed man iv slowly come to terms with it as watching u an sunny decree my favourite pair of btw maximalists

  19. Hey Carl [Karl], listen, I like your videos A LOT. You got that. I mean a lot. You are fair, honest and balanced. I very much enjoy listening to what you have to say each time. Best wishes to you. I hope that the future is prosperous and healthy. Cheers.

  20. Thanks Carl. Good report. Keep up the good work. The crypto believers need your insights and experience.

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