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BITCOIN TODAY: I'll go through the Bitcoin & Ethereum news today & I'll make a Bitcoin & Ethereum price analysis.

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0:45 BTC Dominance
2:57 ETH/USD
4:30 ETH/BTC
6:30 DOT/BTC
7:30 DOT/USD
8:40 XRP/BTC
10:10 IOTA/BTC
12:00 Bitcoinsensus
14:20 BTC/USD

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Carl Eric Martin (The Moon)


StormGain Review


Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. $MARA going to be nice tomorrow morning 👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  2. Carl, can you make a video on selling your alt coins back to BTC. So we are prepared when the Alt season ends.

  3. @Bilge Turkkan ummm trade volume on Uni swap says otherwise lol even with all the fees Eth ecosystem is light years above anything else in activity. But yes the gas fee issues will be resolved in due time

  4. @Muhd Haz exactly. Everyone is accumulating Eth. He doesn’t know what he is taking about lol

  5. Good if you do the altcoins, just start with the btc analysis first on the video, since it is the most relevant coin.

  6. Appreciate your review, do you experience difficultly in trading? Inbox William smith +1 9 5 – 6 6 0 8 7 1 6 7..

  7. All thanks to Janet foreign exchange for helping me to trade my $450 into Bitcoin and I was credited with the sum of $5300 after seven working days of my trade with her now I’m debt free I can settle my bills without even touching my paycheck I’m so happy with Bitcoin life is easy 😊

  8. @SETV Chainlink is up 1500% since March 2020. Algo is up 900% since March 2020. Over all Chainlink is better performing asset. Good on you for making those gains though.

  9. 4………. 6……….. 9………… 3…….. 1……. 2………. 2……….. 9……. 7…….. 1….. (+1 code)

  10. @Nick Brown I was lucky got in at .70 and sold at 1.5 I was a little late with chainlink as only brought last month

  11. *I have fоund bugеd bitcon ex-chаnger, it automatically exchanges to etherium almost x10 rate!*

  12. Appreciate your review, do you experience difficulty in trading? Inbox Anthony Gilbert‪+1  6 1 7 4 .6 8‑1 5 3 9‬

  13. @The Moon I think you are sick. And i don’t mean your facial acne issues. I mean your brain and always wide open mouth on each video. Is it connected?

  14. Imagine basing your hard earned money of some kid on YouTube who only knows the basics of TA. But most of all doesn’t care about any of you only his views and referral links. He’s not rich from trading it’s all referral links, YouTube, paid promos.

  15. @Col Campbell AI 2024 I noticed coin base had a pretty decent purchase rate which was an instant purchase, unfortunately coin base pro can take out to a few days to actually have the payment go through. However unnoticed when making a purchase on binance the fee was a lot higher to purchase. So I just make the purchase on coin base pro and shift it to my other trade platform

  16. EGLD is ready for breakout, descending channel, tested upper boarder a few times now… +40% gain on the table this week

  17. In console: Use document.getElementsByTagName(“video”)[0].playbackRate = ANYNUMBERYOUWANT

    (I watch at 3.4x)

  18. Good bye Chainlink. Was nice seeing you in the top 10 market cap for a year! Back you go now, little one! Let the big boyz handle the top 10.


  19. We broke 50k when 3 weeks ago JP Moron said it doesn’t have enough institution support to hold 30k On the other hand, Just learn to invest and increase your crypto by trading. My 4btc increased to 16 Btc in weeks working with Andrew Charles Weber.

  20. Some weeks ago Con men took over 13 Btc from me which lead me to a point of frustration as it was my savings, I’m glad I came across Andrew Weber through a friend and in weeks he helped me recover all I lost.

  21. Meet Andrew first time at a meeting in Las Vegas early 2019. His teachings on trading is fascinating.

  22. Positive remarks is all I have read and heard about this Andrew Weber for a while now. Would try this out with my 3.2 Btc

  23. Thank you for your TA, some of the best on YT. 2020 was quite a year, and what is a better news for crypto than to see all-time highs at the years end? Both institutions and high-net-worth investors are starting to acknowledge Bitcoin as a store of value and as a treasury asset. Happy to be a partaker of such a change in the world of crypto, I know some hodlers are happy at the moment due to the recent rise, although you aren’t supposed to be emotionally entangled with the market charts. That’s why it was never second-guessing when an opportunity as crypto tradlng came my way. “Why hold a currency you can multiply or grow?” With much energy channeled into tradlng bitcoin daily with the guide of Richard, it was no surprise how my portfolio went from 3 Bitcoin to 19 Bitcoin within a year. I will always advlse anyone who just started dealing with Bitcoin or old holders, Trad e people! It is truly easy, only requires your time. I registered with a Crypto mentor on Te.leqram who helped me grow my crypto portfoIio all the way to the top. @Richardhudson on Te.leqram 0R wh*ts*pp +1 (236) 600-5247 He truly made 2020 a blissful one, now looking forward to the new yeap

  24. Can you Carl for the new traders explain what is the bitcoin dominance and what is it’s significance?

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