BITCOIN JUST DID SOMETHING INSAAAANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [bull run started]

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BITCOIN JUST DID SOMETHING INSAAAANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [bull run started]

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  2. You’ve not broke the ATH until all ATH’s are broken until then you are just hovering around it. BBC Radio 4 6pm news yesterday mentioned BTC for the first time ever!

  3. The 2hr and 4hr charts indicating a pull back. Daily look like a fake out. Double top= bearish signal.

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  5. What are you waiting for to invest in bitcoin, it has gotten to its all time high there are different ways you can earn more bitcoins also. Be smart 😊😊

  6. @Gregg Morris Feel free to message my account manager Mrs Patricia Allens to help you make more profits in BTC

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  9. For those who think this is happening and oh we are going to the moon, this thing will crash by February back to 6k-9k. Dont get fooled by the media.

  10. Chris, the media can be manipulating. Don’t be surprised when this whole thing crashes again back to 6k-9k especially in February.

  11. @Adam Best-Shaw thats the spirit, make sure not to leave a single cent in your bank account just all on bitcoin

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  13. I want to wake up one morning and find out that my account is $1,578,889.00. I know its possible.

  14. plan your investments with good portfolio manager and I can assure you that in few months your account will be more than you dreamt.

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  16. @DJ Dark-Killer
    People have been calling for that for awhile now though, especially the bears. I’ve waited for that and lost lots of profit. How high of a probability is that? People saying BTC won’t be under 10k again

  17. @Chris Hira well cant just depend on what people say, but the fact of bitcoin crashing below 10k is very high and no one can deny that fact. At the end of the day this here is gambling, you either win or lose.

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  19. I still have lots of BTC in my wallet but no one to trade it with. I’ve been making lots of practice lately but my income stay stagnant. Can you help me with a little information thanks

  20. Is this bitcoin mining if I may ask? And also the name Criagswright sounds very familiar, I have heard about him on some trading forums I think reddit or discord. how may I reach him if that’s not too much to ask?

  21. i made alot of cash back then in 2017 t r a d i n g BTC I didn’t t r a d e myself though. I had a t r a d e r but when I lost touch with him I stopped t r a d i n g but now I see the rapid increase I’m back at it. Still looking for a t r a d e r . I’ll try yours thanks

  22. Craigwright was an old friend of mine. I made 2BTC using his software and he helps people all the time. I do recommend him!

  23. Bitcoin is gradually rising again and that’s why trading with an Expert is always the best, As for me I don’t bother about the price as my crypto has been increasing massively trading with an Expert.

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