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Bitcoin Technical Analysis & Bitcoin News Today: I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. Watch the video to learn more!

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Bitcoin Halving Countdown

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  1. Diring The past crisis, no hyperinflation at all.
    It does not work like this, no automatic…

  2. Always expected a fair bit of resistance when we got back to that long term uptrend line that we broke a month ago. Not much in the way of sell pressure, so hopefully we’re looking at either a false breakout to trigger shorts so the big money can use the stops to drive higher, or a higher low and cup and handle form to get us back over that uptrend line.
    I’ll be waiting for the weekly candle to close before taking any positions.

  3. Bitcoin have never been this oversold before the halving. Bitcoin never had CV and recession before the halving. Maybe this time it will be different.

  4. I’m betting the halving isnt going to do a damn thing with the price. Nothing matters unless we pass $10500.

  5. Carl I still see your bitmex affiliate link???? why when you don´t like it and talk so bad about it?

  6. Technically Tether should only be printed as much as it is bought in dollar value. If it is overprinted it can collapse at some point, so this is what some people are worried about. I know there was big stories some time back as they did not hold sufficient cash reserves to cover all the tether printed. Becoming like fractional reserve banking without the possibility of a bailout like real banks often get.

  7. @AlessandraElena because this time many countries are interested in bitcoin and digital currency as u know that usa have launched their digital usd by name DUSD

  8. @RK They revealed that the ‘assets’ that Tether was actually backed by was Btcoin in part.

  9. Thought you said in emergency video that their channels were gone forever? Of course YouTube has it’s backups to set mistakes straight

  10. Was probably the case they bought the bitcoins lower down. I was pointing out the 30% crash drop was artificial. The objective of the trade was to drop the price not to make money.

  11. @Ali Kabok that’s true unemployment is up but you know what’s also up the stock market explain that. This little price drop is a fake out. Watch and see. Stay safe my friend. And think about ✌

  12. @Kai Deo Well i dont know how one knows who is buying anyways, where do u see this , and is i possible? or just spec

  13. During this period there’s nothing better than using the internet in front of you. As for me i’m learning to increase my Crypto trading with Josephine Raymond and so far its been increasing Massively.

  14. A false account manager i meet on Instagram conned me off 7BTC. I contacted traderJosephine and traded with her. I recovered the loses in 2 weeks.

  15. Make 10,000 USD weekly for the past 5 weeks, Invested 1,500 USD into Josephine’s trading signals.

  16. Great video, but the cryptocurrency market, like the stock market, precious metals, and basically any other asset across the world currently, are struggling to maintain valuations during a panic-induced sell off stemming from a global pandemic and sudden recession which have make many investor/traders to be confuse on what to do. But so far, the crypto currency Bitcoin is currently rising and showing positive signs of bullishness which makes it a good buy zone to trade and not to Hold because i have come to discover that even in the bear market you can still make profit. Due to my personal research i got to find out about daytradewarriors and signal providers and they have great knowledge on how the markets works, with his great signals i was able to achieve and grow my 3.1btc to a total of 7.1 btc within 4 weeks of trading actively which you would agree is a very good profit and it’s been going on for months, i will urge others who are willing to grow a strong portfolio ahead to make use of his accurate and profitable signals now. Daytradewarriors can be reached via *Whatspp: (+ 32460248529) and Telgram @daytradewarriors) for inquiries into profitable trading systems.

  17. Of course it isn’t going to do anything. This halving date has been a known event ever since the last halving. That means that Bitcoin’s increase in scarcity/decrease in supply has already been ‘priced in’ or ‘factored in’ to the current price.

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