Bitcoin HUGE $13K BREAKOUT?!? | Facebook Coin “Libra” Whitepaper RELEASED!! Mainstream Media Hype!!

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Bitcoin News Today: Facebook released the whitepaper to the Libra network and the Libra coin. This is the Facebook coin we've been waiting for. I'll take a look at the Libra news surrounding this new Facebook cryptocurrency. Also, I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. Watch the video to learn more!

0:30 Bitcoin Analysis
3:04 Libra

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Bitcoin HUGE $13K BREAKOUT?!? | Facebook Coin "Libra" Whitepaper RELEASED!! Mainstream Media Hype!!

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Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. “Libra is the centralized corporatist crypto token we’ve all been waiting for!”

    …said nobody ever.

  2. I deleted my Facebook page 2 years ago because I lost faith in Zuckerberg. Under no conditions will I ever buy a penny worth of Libra.

  3. Awaiting the issue of the first Łibra ‘scam coins’ to be issued. Either way I don’t see it as a threat to Bitcoin. More like a bank.

    Bitcoin halving hype on the horizon ..🌬…🏖

  4. Love you videos bro! Think your TA is the best on the internet. And also its always has a chilling effect on me! Even in a downtrend or bearmarket. Keep up the good work mate. Greetz

  5. I think the best thing about Facebook creating Libra is that it makes Bitcoin legitimate in the eyes of the population. The fact that FB is involved in digital currency will make it acceptable to the masses. Unfortunately for FB they haven’t created anything like as genius as Bitcoin

  6. * Watch WAX TOKEN : The WAX Blockchain mainnet and protocol token release are scheduled for June 30, 2019.***

  7. Hey Carl, thanks for this review on Libra. No one has said anything for example, what if my FB or instagram gets blocked? I loose my account and my money????

  8. people though(and think) it will be easy, that bitcoin will be the king, everything decentralized etc…the paradise, nope , we have levels to climb before paradise, and a centralized corporation like facebook(and his friends) are necessary before paradise

  9. you can buy it to get major profits out of it and trow it into the treu peoples coin DGB if you want a free future, thats what im going to do

  10. So Facebook says they will not have more power than any of the other nodes, yet FB is the gateway to getting these nodes. Hmm…smells like power.

  11. So now fb will definitely know everything about you even exactly what you do with your money

  12. They had banned Bitcoin ads 6 months ago, now they have created their own cryptocoin. Interesting.

  13. have you looked around some comments on the internet from sheep are stating Facebook created a new money..not Satoshi

  14. I think that we are in a unstoppable bull run but nobody knows exactly where we go for short term but 20,000$+ btc and 500$+ ltc at the end of this year is very possible after so many great news and now Libra.

  15. Absolutely right stay away but it’s very good for cryptocurrencies in general because so many people don’t know about crypto and then maybe go in the volatile market with Libra as a stable coin.

  16. FaceBook has already said Libra will share any/all information requested with law enforcement worldwide. This claim of capability proves 100% the centralization of Libra and it being just a trap for poor people’s money and corporate/government control.

  17. Its true fb hasnt created like bitcoin but they are trying to come up with mass adoption we need to wait and watch 2020

  18. That may be your best video yet. Lots to think about. Thanks for all the thought you put into creating this video.

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