Bitcoin Head & Shoulders Pattern Playing Out? | CME Futures Gap At $7,200?


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Carl Eric Martin (The Moon)

Bitcoin Head & Shoulders Pattern Playing Out? | CME Futures Gap At $7,200?

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  1. I don’t play short and long, i buy coin/token and hold, thats why in the end i profit and support crypto space, short and long just hurting cryptocurrency further

  2. Let’s call a spade a spade we are in bear territory until we see a higher high and higher low. Period.

  3. with the volume being so low, can we say a 25 cent candy machine has more volume than bitcoin.. hmm 25 cent candy you can eat, bitcoin that noone is buying anymore hmmm

  4. 2 hrs later…..stopped out again by the massive green dildo. This has been shakedown week for stop sweepers

  5. Moral of the story: never set a stop-loss. Liquidity hunters will simply hunt out your stop-loss right before they reverse the trend.

    Setting a stop-loss is literally programming the system to buy high and sell low. Remember the system always does what you tell it to do.

    So set your sell price higher than your buy price. I can’t believe I have to tell people this ha ha

  6. Hy Carl can you say wtf in this moment? It’s now 10 25 2019 at 19.19h
    Please what do you know about this move..

  7. It is also very interesting to note that today is the settlement of the CME Bitcoin futures. Now what tends to happen in the run up to the settlement date, which is the last Friday of each month for the CME Bitcoin futures, is that price tends to fall going into the settlement. And we’ve seen that happen again. And then price tends to rise.

    Past performance past behavior is not indicative of future results, but we do want to be aware of what has happened in the past, and why this happens, why price tends to fall going into the semi future settlement date on the last Friday of the month, whether or not that is actual manipulation, or not that I don’t know that’s not for me to answer, I just want to make you aware of what normally happens and what normally happens is price falls into the settlement date.

    Something else interesting that did happen is the record breaking Bakkt futures hitting a new all time record high of 450 contracts. Now, each Bakkt contract is five physical Bitcoin, which is a total of 2250 Bitcoin at $7,500, each. That is a total of $16.875 million.

    So institutional money came in on this break. And what they did was they bought up in record value on that. Now that is significant and we want to pay attention to the smart money.

  8. Just the day after Carl confirms the bear market with the ribbons broken and 200 daily moving average broken earlier, bitcoin sky rockets.
    I was always skeptical. The ribbons don’t define a bear market. Nobody knows at the moment. Only looking back from the future, we can tell when was a bear market and when a bull market. At the moment, we can only guess. Past price movements are only vague indications for possible future movements.

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