Bitcoin FLYING, But Is A Correction Coming? | Bitcoin Losing Dominance To Alts

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Bitcoin Technical Analysis & Bitcoin News Today: I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. Watch the video to learn more!

0:43 Bitcoin TA
8:56 Stock Market Crash
10:38 Altcoins
13:45 World Record
14:06 Securities & Cryptos
15:29 Mining Difficulty Drop
15:58 Bakkt Likely To Be Approved
17:08 Vitalik Donations
18:04 Ron Paul: Crypto Vs. The Fed

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Bitcoin FLYING, But Is A Correction Coming? | Bitcoin Losing Dominance To Alts

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Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. No correction coming… if anything the corrections are to be higher prices…. when the privet markets combine with the open market… the institutional markets will bring the open markets up like a Big Bang…. this is the point…

  2. I think we will have a correction this weekend to around 3400 usd before we move up again. Don’t think we will go to 3k, because to many people are waiting for that to happen..

  3. If we have corrected to 3600 or 3500s just buy even if it shrink to 3000 or lower than that but i think that 3000-3200 is a strong support either way if we bought around those number that fibs at 38% 50% and golden ratio 61% its a good buy we just about to hit 61% at 4200-4400 expect a little correction at 50% fibs to 38% fibs and probaly sideways but if somehow if the golden ratio has been broken and went to explode to pass 6000 sell your house ditch your wifes get ridiculus loan and buy bitcoin

  4. Carl, I don’t know if anybody has noticed this or not.. your poll asking viewers that we expecting is coming ahead is acting like a strong indicator.
    The majority of the polls are working for me almost on point.

    Don’t just put that down in any of your videos.

    Always thankful to you for your amazing skills. I’ve been watching your videos from last 1 year and I’ve learned a lot without joining any TA classes.

    Thanks to the power of the internet.

  5. Carl. You are a super smart guy, been following you for almost a year since the time I got into alt coins. Super impressed and one of my favorite analyst’s. Since then, I have noticed alt coins leaching to BTC price. It took me half a year to figure out there is only one trustless coin. Sure I can make bigger gains on alts but the overall mass confusion this causes suppresses the one trustless coin in existence. I am certain if there were not so many choices. The main coin would be worth so much more at this time. That’s where the money would have to go. I think we are gonna see many alts disappear and much of the confusion will go away in time. My question to you is what do you stand for and what should you do to educate your viewers and how much money is it worth to make in alts while selling out on the good thing everyone is here for? At some point, aren’t we being as greedy as the central banks. To much greed in this space… and everywhere else. To the point where it burns down a good thing. Good people outside of the box/space just see greed everywhere and are afraid to get in.

  6. +anthony carlin yes because no market ever sustained above the weekly ema200 forever, bitcoin is too young for this kind of statement

  7. +Simon H yes not forever but overall from a weekly and monthly perspective we are clearly in an uptrend as bitcoin over time just makes higher highs and higher lows. The technology is still very young and emerging so i would expect a dip below those moving averages maybe if the fundamentals had changed but they only get stronger. Gold for the first 10/20 years was the same before it eventually dropped but that was when it was in its trillions. BTC hasn’t got anywhere near a trillion yet. So i wouldn’t expect us to go below them until we hit the trillions. i really feel that resistance at 3.2k really is to strong to break not impossible but more likely to stay above it.

  8. same mistake as ALWAYS. Considering price action without VOLUME is suicide. Look at the candles and look at the volumes. Huge volume bars and small blue candles means an ANOMALY. It menas that there is a lot of SELLERS not leting price go up. This is a sign of ALERT….Jesus….

  9. Carl, you always say to wait for confirmation of a breakout to put a trade in. I find that when BTC does breakout with volume, the move is so fast that I always miss it. If I buy market, so much slippage happens. How do you trade breakouts?

  10. “Altcoin bumm” ? With zero transitic value,zero adoption,zero fundamental….yea ,that sounds legit ! You guys are living in la-la-land. I just added another short,thanks

  11. Carl please tell your parents Thank you for creating such an amazing person… Merry Christmas……………. SteveK

  12. You are completely right, and there is nothing wrong in going 100% in BTC. However, I’m always trying to diversify my portfolio to gain exposure to several opportunities. My BTC holding are always more than 70% of my total crypto portfolio though 😀

  13. I’m not fully following your opinion? And I’m curious as to exactly what the volume indicator you read as a ‘false negative’? Phrase explain like I’m five years old

  14. Yea this looks like a false flag to me

    I see us going a lot higher like even $8K but then it’ll drop below $3K in the long term

    That’s my guess

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