1. Sweden joins that thing about creating a cryptocurrency? Sweden, who has stated that cryptocurrency is “not a currency”.

  2. Dropping to 7500 is not a big deal at all. The human mind is its own worst enemy. Going below 6500 is a big bad deal. I called 9k last month and I called 8k to 7.5k right after. No big deal at all. We are fine

  3. If we saw 8k and Bulls failed to depend that Region its 100% failed Rally we are going DOWN very Low thats for sure.! its like 2018.. i wish BTC revisit 3k to 2k level and i will put 90% of my Fiat paper money..

  4. Hey Carl πŸ™‚ Im curious what are your thoughts on what will happen to alts, specifically LTC after the BTC halving?.

  5. We won’t drop below 7500 in my opinion . we already hit a 6500 ish low. We are good off

  6. @Psychic Bubblegum Man The target is the start of the pattern of rising edge ($7700) then start to moon again

  7. The risk of trading Bitcoin is that if you get the wrong direction you have a chance of losing all of your money.

  8. Hey Carl,
    Isn’t there a Gap at 7600 I think?, Since we seem to always fill the gaps, would that not be a good target? How come you did not mention that?

  9. what about Chinese new year?! They will be cashing out, and taking their volume with them for a few days! Friday will be big sell off! i think..

  10. I was going to ask the same thing. It occurred between 1/6 and 1/7. It’s only about $40, but it is there. What say you, Carl?

  11. @Dr. Craig Now that you mention it. The gap didn’t form on the weekends (as gaps usually do since CME closes on weekends) :/

  12. @SlickBoxing Entertainment Just see past trend to see what happens during each new lunar years (It’s not a fixed date since it’s… well, a lunar year)

    You can see bitcoin always trend downwards on those periods.

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