Bitcoin Falling! Is The Triple Bottom Dead?? [Bitcoin Today]

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Bitcoin Analysis & Bitcoin News Today: Bitcoin is falling. Is 6k the bottom? I use technical analysis to explain why I think the triple bottom in the bitcoin price is still alive. So, watch the video to learn more!

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Bitcoin Falling! Is The Triple Bottom Dead?? [Bitcoin Today]

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Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. Market makers are fishing for stop losses.thats how institutional money accumulate cheap coins.keep that in mind.

  2. Another clear calm and concise enjoyable discourse Carl. I had to chuckle as you tried not to smile when advising peeps not to margin trade without knowing how leverage operates. I got liquidated 5 figures but hey live and learn. They didn’t shake me out because I see their game and I understand the revolutionary potential of the block chain. Anyway, bring on that point of divergeance I keep banging on about. Keep up the sterling dedication. Your rational approach and technical expertise is much appreciated in such turbulent crypto seas. You’re a credit to the industry and new renaissance

  3. Carl, what do you mean not expected? Tone and Tyler have been calling for this for weeks.

  4. Space Paced Crypto yeah I’m tempted too I must admit. What scares some is inviting to others! 😉

  5. Sedona TV yes, and even 1k or lower would be expected by them. 6k is still high compared to where BTC started the last bullrun. It will take 1-2 years until t next bullrun…but from a level of 1-3k. Interest and usage in BTC will continue to go to Neverland.

  6. Carl would you agree with me that for bitcoin to move upwards with any great strength we need new buyers ?? Would you also agree with me many investors have lost and left crypto due to manipulation??

  7. The fall was expected, everybody was aware that it was a rising bear flag wedge, its just you drawn it wrong with your triangle shape.


    Let’s stop dreaming, the market has not the necessary energy from far to star a bullish euphoric market
    the bubble still did not deflate completely …
    the losses were too big … still too much mistrust, there’s not enough volume
    Only the very deep will detonate the next bullish explosion

  9. I hope bitcoin will increase in price but I am not seeing enough buy volume to convince me. I am waiting for still lower prices

  10. Carl, answer this please

    Could we just consider it a double bottom bc 5.8 was hit twice. The middle dip was only a low of 6.2

  11. The Moon if you were to take all the cryptos in the world, put them all in a paper bag, they would be worth 25 cents.

  12. I keep waiting…the bottom will linger just like it did every other time I see in history, so tired of waiting but am waiting. Could’ve moved that fiat and make some $ with stocks instead :-, what a waste. I kind of hope they won’t crash the global economy and BTC at the same time or we’re really screwed.

  13. Carl, I know you’re very bullish, but that was not a smart move. You are trying to catch a falling knife. Traders usually trade on turn for a reason, no one can predict bottom. I’m not even involved in this trade and I’m very worried for you. I hope you are right. I would hate to see you lose money.

  14. Nice video man, I’ll be honest I think you got balls man, 5800 for liq from 6K entry, thats really ballsy.
    I’ve been seeing 5800 as a must hit target before we have a reversal, possibly even lower.
    But thats my point of view, may we all win 🙂 Good luck.

  15. was i right on with the time or what. you know how i knew? Cause i know the market is being manipulated and why. it is not hard to see what is coming after that. you know why you didn’t see it? Because you don’t accept this market is heavily manipulated. the price will go down they are trying to make it not profitable to mine simple as that, where is the bottom? where ever it is not profitable for 70% of the masses. hence the mining power of an s9i at .10 cents per kw and you get an idea of where we are heading. sorry hope you didn’t lose that much.

  16. Housam Jarrar Bitcoin does not follow the main characteristic of any Fiat currency or any other legitimate financial tools. It is a non regulated industry and we might see a huge bearish way down to 3k.

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