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0:00 Bitcoin News Intro
0:58 Bitcoin Price Analysis
6:13 Altcoins
7:31 Bitcoin All-Time-High In Turkey
8:58 Gold All-Time-High

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Carl Eric Martin (The Moon)


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  1. I spotted the H&S pattern 2 days ago. Cool to see that you now confirm it. My study sessions pay off 😃. I think H&S pattern will break down to fill the CME Gap.

  2. yesterdays dump is a good sign for another bull cycle since btc need to reset the RSI, and now btc is in a good RSI level for another bull

  3. Going to the moon!!!! I’m glad I have cryptos in my portfolio, I’ve been milking the market for a while now,I got my hands on cryptos,fixed commodities and currency pairs.

  4. Ritchelle Cuevas Matthew Berhalter manages my Portfolio,also picks the best assets for me. I first came across him on LinkedIn.

  5. Crypto Landolf how else can I reach him asides LinkedIn. I’m not available on that platform.

  6. @Dan Tee Sud i am buying but it’s not that much because of the currency.ı dont think its going to be better any time soon.

  7. @Sergio Jenkins I can’t post screenshots here Sergio, but if you open tradingview and insert BTC1! In the ticker area you’ll see a Gap between 9680 and 9930 on the 4h timeframe

  8. Great update as always! also following on twitter as No Name. hoping for an ALT season then let the king do its magic ATH by eoy.

  9. @ümitcan ekincioğlu good for you, bro. My sister said the same thing when she started buying….now she’s almost ready to retire…doesn’t take long.

    Buy more.

    Hodl on.

  10. Thank You!
    When all the value will be moved to digital, then the value of gold will drastically drop??

  11. Carl, I was wondering what you think of HUT 8 Mining (btc mining company) ? If you can provide analysis? The share price looks good to me on the chart right now.

  12. M.r J.e.f.f.e.r.y is obviously the best, I invested $3,000 and he made profit of $28,000 for me just in 15days

  13. high speed, swedish english translated into conversational speed, native english =
    “then you should definitely watch this video”.
    for newcomers who may not know. cheers .
    bullish bull

  14. Bro all respect I understand that likes helps with the YouTube algorithm but sometimes it get annoying when you mention it so much every day 😫

  15. would you mind doing a analysis on trx/usd? its been having some breakouts on the hour chart at the time where im at 9:18am est 8/5/2020

  16. I honestly don’t even hit the button unless he mentions it because I don’t do it for many videos I watch. I will likely hit the like button because of this! LOL!

  17. It’s not about watching videos and wasting your time on strategies, I was ignorant doing so…so I decided to try M.r J.e.f.f.e.r.y and ever since then he’s has made about $14,000 for on every $5,000 I invested just in 2weeks

  18. Hi…. wondering if you can explain a little bit more about what the RSI is, how a dump resets this, and why it’s now looking good….. learning. thanks for any info

  19. @TC when the rsi is to high that means where’s over extended that means the bulls are exhausted the the bulls need time to take profits. What resetsthat is flash crash or red days can reset that. TD sequential if it flash 9 during bull market that means we need a short term cortectoon to reset td sequaintial usually 1-2 daily candles reset td sequential

  20. Hidden divergences always overrdie regulars. That’s the first time I”ve heard you show off inexperience and be flat out wrong about something.

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