Bitcoin Crashing!! Why?? [Bitcoin Today]


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Bitcoin Analysis & Bitcoin News Today: Bitcoin is falling, or even crashing right now. Why? I use technical analysis to try to understand what is happening with the Bitcoin price right now. Are we seeing a breakout through the descending triangle, or a false breakout out of the triple bottom? Was this all part of the Bitcoin manipulation? Watch the video to learn my opinion!

0:50 Bitcoin
2:48 Manipulation?
5:32 Triple Bottom Dead??
9:12 False Breakout?

Bitcoin Crashing!! Why?? [Bitcoin Today]

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Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. Carl thank you so much for your time on sunday. Below 6k isnt worse, we can also see an other candle some month ago. (Nov. 16) Therefore this is, in my point of view, now the buttom. But we will see now in the next days the most important moves. Weekend is every time not with huge volumes. Therefore we will see now the real situation on monday evening.

  2. Let me be the one to say it.. MANIPULATION!!!

    Great analysis as always though man.. just sad to see btc being manipulated, makes TA harder to do

  3. glad you have come on board.
    $3000 has been on the cards for a long time.
    im not happy about it but its happening.

  4. props to you man, coming out and admitting when u made a wrong call and not just tossing it to “manipulation”.

  5. Heck yes manipulation I was watching Litecoin at 12:00 a.m on the dot it just dumped lol gees

  6. ICO telegram sets records! Almost all tokens were snapped up in a couple of days on

  7. Yes! I’ve been buying then selling so I won’t lose any money. Why own 2 Bitcoins when you can own 3 for the same amount of fiat?

  8. yea go ahead cause btc is like a fart in the wind at this point. never know where it will go till the wind blows, and by then it’s to late.

  9. Maybe it’s not a triple bottom or decending triangle. Perhaps it’s the first half of a giant cup in a cup & handle formation

  10. watch out for the 2 hour low of febuary. it was at 5850 (at coinbase) this time it was at 5820. we are still in a triple bottom. it was a fakeout

  11. Thinning of the herd, it’s good. The weak hands will fold, the rest of us can buy while there is blood on the streets and just wait. That is all.

  12. Nothing to do with manipulation. Sellers are pushing to the record lows. Next goal could be 5k followed by 4k, 3k etc and ultimately less than $100.All mentioned previously can be possible. Buffett may have hit the nail on his head. Bitcoin is now experiencing a very big bubble,and had been confirmed to be about to burst soon. Nothing on the chart now shows a sign of recovery. It is filled with mostly big red candlesticks with small green candlestick bodies.

  13. Yes its the same as in 2014 when it went from $200 to $1200 then back to $170. Then a bull market started for 2.5 years and then in december there was a bubble. But crypto has bubbles all the time and then goes to new all time highs after the market bottoms out. We will have to see if this is the same.

  14. Deflation continues. Buyers know this and are waiting. Warren Buffett may be correct. Bitcoin may only be worth what someone else will pay for it, regardless of metrics.

  15. Do a july-august prediction please 😛 What are your thoughts? Further dip? Recovery? Break bullish? Staying stable for a while? (guss not)

  16. I don’t think it is manipulation. I have noticed that novice traders (not you, Carl!) tend to fall back on the manipulation excuse whenever the market does something that they did not expect (either up or down). I have also noticed several times that, even when the market has done something totally predictable via TA (including EWT), many will call it manipulation if the move did not conform to their bias. Looking for excuses is an impediment to learning how to trade successfully. Great video, Thank you!!!!

  17. Thanks for the input! And yes, I’ve seen it too! It’s easy to blame manipulation, instead of just admitting you’re wrong! Thanks for watching my videos!! 🌙😀

  18. So many people thinking BTC is going way we’re probably ready for a bull market again! Time to buy.

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