BITCOIN CRASHING MORE!!! | Why Is BTC Falling? | Where’s The Bottom? $3,000? $2,400?


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Bitcoin Technical Analysis & Bitcoin News Today: Why is Bitcoin falling? Well, many say that it's due to Bitcoin manipulation that we are seeing the Bitcoin price crashing today. Bitcoin is very oversold, is there a bounce coming soon? I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. Watch the video to learn more!

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1:01 Where's The Bottom?
1:43 VPVR
4:34 RSI/Stochastic
7:22 Monthly EMA Ribbon
8:21 Fibonacci
10:54 Trade The Bounce?
14:51 Quick Dip?
17:18 4Hour EMA Breakout
17:56 BTC Or USD
21:34 General Market

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BITCOIN CRASHING MORE!!! | Why Is BTC Falling? | Where's The Bottom? $3,000? $2,400?

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Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. It is less than 24 hours new video been update, good job to stay awake and updates. Must been feeling pressure.

  2. I wonder about „everybody was surprised…“. Not me. So…I was the only who expected the heavy drop(s)? OK, I have experience with that situations since my first crash in 1987 :-)) I hope not but my inner voice screams like a 2000Watt Bose Loudspeaker that BTC goes nuts down way more

  3. people there going to think $3500 is the bottom, wait until December around $2k and January around $1k

  4. This is doing exactly what it’s supposed to. Weeding out the weak! This is where millionaire’s are made! Time to buy!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I sold 80% of my holdings at 5.8k when I noticed we broke below the strong 6k support and there was no volume or quick swing to the upside with GREEN action… that point I knew 6k ould be VERY strong resistance and the chance to the downside was much much lower (knowing in 2017 this range is where we went parabolically up).

    I then sold the remaining 20% of my holdings at 5.2k.(when I saw the sideways action).

    Spared myself from CRAZY losses and just waiting for this bear market to end…could even go to 2.5k guys..dont be surprised.

  6. Carls- when market bullish it seems everybody says they are winning n happy. Who are the losers?
    And when bitcoins goes down like at this instant, who are the winners?
    Very strange- when wining then we talk about governments asking for tax. So now many losing-are the government paying us back on tax *rebate??
    Can we prepare papers to submit to them to ask for reimbursement for losing??
    All these are actually imaginary money right?

  7. This is brutal but if you can afford not to sell don’t. Cryptocurrency/blockchain is here to stay and remember one thing we haven’t experienced since the inception of Bitcoin is a crash in the fiat markets similar to the one in 2008 where many banks had to be rescued – when this happens again I believe many people will turn to bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to store their wealth and then to use for everyday purchases when they realise that their is no way back for the banking system – we will have found a better way

  8. AVL- I kindly disagree. Too established platform that they are continually making better. Household name. It will take a hit like all the others, but isn’t going anywhere imo.

  9. +Mark well if BTC gets replaced or revoked you lose either way. Only way for BTC to make a return to price is for another hype to happen, buy for investors BTC price flux is not a good investment its more like a casino gamble.

  10. Mr Hole good decision. Buy at the bottom! The last couple of days I’ve been short selling and making decent profits

  11. With BTC price flux the poor wont be able to afford it and without a stabilized price itll never replace fiat.

  12. +Brandon Wiebe I think 2.5k could be the “bottom” but we must remember it could still go lower…I could be wrong.

    All I knew is when we broke 6k support with the bulls “rolling over”, we were in for a pretty harsh downtrend

  13. Problem is, guys like you will call for $100-$500 IF (!) BTC hits $1000. At some point we will hit the bottom, and 3-4k may very well be it.

  14. +Jake Cividin Drowning pool let the bodies hit the floor is current theme song right now LOL

    “Let the bodies hit the floor

    Skin against skin, blood and bone
    You’re all by yourself but you’re not alone
    You wanted in, now you’re here
    Driven by hate consumed by fear

    Let the bodies hit the floor”

  15. Been shorting ETH since 175 on kraken… There doesn’t seem to be any long in sight. Look at the support on ETH, $88 then around $35…

  16. impossible for BTC to be $1000.. there’s only 6,000,000 btc available on the market, and MILLIONS of people who want to buy. do the math

  17. Ohh I like this chanel , he is motivating me for doing more search and analysis , thanks to him I made my important video few days ago about BTC (WHAT IS HAPPENING TODAY AND WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN)
    Guys watch it, need your support for any opinion ..:)

  18. Michael Anderson At what point do the die hard crypto people start getting weak! and realize the fist one of you to sell will make way more dollar bills then the last one who sells!

  19. Lol you think the OGs are gonna sell their bags? Where are you gonna find sellers at 2k, the noobs have been weeded out. Buyer interest will be very strong, and fomo will be off the roof, this is where you come in pleb.

  20. +Tomas Av. Love an active healthy life. My great grandpa still fucks prostitutes from his construction job money. He does not do really hard labor but many my age struggle with the helper position 😂

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