Bitcoin Correction Incoming? BTC Dominance To 50%? | Institutional Volume Increasing


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Bitcoin Technical Analysis & Crypto News Today: We might see a correction in the Bitcoin price soon. There are a few bearish indicators in the BTC chart that could make the Bitcoin price go down. I'll use technical analysis in this video to show you what I mean. Also, we'll talk about the CME institutional volume and the fact that it is increasing. Watch the video to learn more!


0:48 Bitcoin
3:52 Bearish Signs
7:20 Support Lines
10:47 Ethereum
13:24 BTC Dominance & ETF
16:26 The Vote (Length of video)


You Can’t Ban Math: Crypto Unites to Call Out Congressman

Bitcoin Correction Incoming? BTC Dominance To 50%? | Institutional Volume Increasing

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Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. 0:48 Bitcoin
    3:52 Bearish Signs
    7:20 Support Lines
    10:47 Ethereum
    13:24 BTC Dominance & ETF
    16:26 The Vote (Length of video)

  2. I look forward to your videos every day Carl, thanks for all you do for crypto-enthusiasts!

  3. the convergance of resistance is even bigger, since the 200 daily EMA also crosses that spot as well 🙂

  4. Carl has always been realistic and accurate even in the “despair” moments. Great triple bottom video, I almost capitulated and sold, back then. Thank goodness I found your videos just in time!!

  5. Great work Carl!
    I think you should consider making 2 videos a day. One for TA and another for crypto news. That way you get more content out in a day and manage to keep each video within 10-15 min.
    Either way thank you for everything sir.
    Keep it up 😃👍🤙

  6. About the long videos i call “timed” videos BS.
    We need quality info, not timed or rushed info, i mean, most people waste their lifes in a 9 to 5 job that leads nowhere in most cases, but they can’t take 20/30 minutes a day getting educated on something that can end up changing their lifes?
    Carl, your videos are very helpefull and full of info, DON’T change that to a “compact” format just because people are to “buisy”…

  7. If you want to keep it shorter just split news and analysis, I don’t mind it to be 20 minutes since you have good content

  8. I love your videos, I love your accent. Please keep doing this. I’m a subscriber and I watch you every day because I value your analysis.

  9. Carl, your insight is very informative! Thanks for taking the time to do this every single day.

  10. One way to “shorten” may be to split the TA and the news in case some people only care about one or the other.

  11. Hey carl i really dont mind longer videos as long as u keep posting lol i look forward to ur all ur videos I appreciate everything single one of ur videos long or short

  12. Thanks for the update brother. I like the current format. Time stamps make it convenient as well.

  13. I have a suggestion.
    First of all I agree with DarkWiser’s comment below where we need to see quality information rather than shorter videos.
    So may I suggest you break your videos down into seperate videos for news and for your chart analysis.
    That way people that want shorter videos can indeed have shorter videos, and for those of us that want videos as long as they need to be we have no real compromise.

  14. Agreed that people that want shorter videos can use time stamps. Please don’t reduce content. alternatively you could make multiple videos. One for technical analysis and one another for fundamentals.

  15. well said. I’ve noticed Carl trying to rush his thoughts lately and his videos are suffering for it. cutting the vids short is a mistake. if what you have to say is important then it should not be edited out.

  16. Thank you so much Paul, I just made withdrawal of my total profit worth $87,000 and I started with just $4,000.
    How I wished my late dad can see me now and see how his son has made a fortune from a trade he never believed in.

  17. Don’t worry about what people want. Do what you have content for. I watch the whole video no matter how long.

  18. The Moon maybe as a suggestion you can make 2 x10min videos?
    TA everyday and second video:
    News and article

  19. Alexander Wende I was thinking also maybe it could be a technical analysis and 2nd video which is daily news

  20. Jacob William also let’s remember real money never talks about it in social media lmaoo

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