Bitcoin Capitulation Soon? | Binance Hacked!! User KYC Information Stolen!!

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Bitcoin Technical Analysis & Bitcoin News Today: Binance & Bittrex hacked! IS BITCOIN CAPITULATION COMING SOON? The BTC technicals look bearish and indicate that price will go down. I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. Watch the video to learn more!

0:56 Bitcoin Analysis
12:46 Coinstar
14:45 HODL'ers
17:07 HACKED

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Bitcoin Capitulation Soon? | Binance Hacked!! User KYC Information Stolen!!

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Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. And if you think that that sounds interesting then i think that you should definitelywatchthisvideo hahahahaha

  2. Why must a capitulation candle be a long one with a wick?
    is that the only way to capitulate? what if the drop from 6k to 3k was capitulation, so bad that no one wanted to buy it back up and so we are here now??

  3. We had a biiig capitulation candle from 6 to 3k. Whats this “true” capitulation candle you talk of and how to we know its true?

  4. For everyone wondering about the Binance hack, and who haven’t seen the full video yet. No FUNDS were stolen, however, very sensitive KYC data was allegedly stolen from major exchanges, including Binance. So, if you ever did KYC for Binance, chances are a picture of you and your ID is now being sold on the dark web.

  5. What distinguishes your analysis is the simplicity and understanding of the behavior of the Bitcoin

  6. i remember watching bitcoin for years going up in price when it hit 20k i remember thinking ill never own one now,After getting REKT last year hodling i learned as much as i could the more the market came down i finally put in $500 before xmas i now own nearly 1 full bitcoin thanks for all your help onwards and upwards from here Carl

  7. nobody selling bitcoin except trading bots, after they sell it they’ll just buy it back anyway

  8. if negative news has no(or less) effect on the price action, it means we’re close to the bottom already. just like the contrary of positive news has less effect on price action, it means we’re still close to the top, and still have a long way to go down.

  9. +David S yes he cuts out the crap ,remains objective and sounds very professional. Seems to know his stuff .

  10. Carl – take a look (on bitfinex) the 200 day MA and the 1400 day MA(200 week) – refernce 2015 where the 2 correlated with price and start of bull – they are miles apart right now and dont see the next bull until thet cross/touch

  11. what’s your thought on free crypto currency as a possible universal currency ?
    If bitcoin is gold, it needs a universal currency.

  12. Weaker and weaker bounces. Nearly back to 3k. If we were headed back to 6k from this support it would have happened already.

  13. The wick is for it to form a hammer candle. Hammer candles with massive volume r indicative of a trend reversal. A weekly hammer candle with weekly rsi divergence would be amazing because most of the time that setup is followed by a massive green candle.bitcoin can be back at 6k in a couple weeks once the trend is reversed. I’m accumulating here and at 2700. I’ll be selling half at the next algorithm target around 12k and the other half at 15k.patience is key, algorithms are computers and dont care about time or emotion. They trade fibonacci zones

  14. Hello Guys and Welcome to The Moon.. My Name is Carl and i sdasfaw bring you this crypto currency video…

  15. I also wanted to write a similiar comment ahahaha… i really like this entry of carl. It makes me laugh everytime because im expecting it 😀

  16. +RigoRocks23 ahh i see, this would be the best form of capitulation with a clear trend reversal… any other way an asset can bottom? mayb one where there is uncertainty with a reversal..

  17. He said it at 10:41 . The volume must be huge even bigger than during the bull run. That will show us that all weak hands exit and the big money enters the market. Volume was big already when we dropped from 6k but you could argue that wasn’t enough.

  18. But how? Big volume needs many many many sellers aswell, but it makes no sence to sell now for 98% of the people, so out of where should the volume come?????

  19. wayn Yeh just opinions really isn’t it. To be fair the best TA guys (carl included) have said we may have already bottomed but we could hit 2k just as easily. Either way its academic because I’m here for 5 years.

  20. Does anyone here know about a trade manager named Alexander Reams? I have been hearing a lot of great news

    about him and I am about to invest with him. I’m trying to be sure I’m making the right choice

  21. i do know him,he is my trade manager and also the best you can find, i have been into trading for sometime

    now but never met anyone like Mr Alexander Reams, i started trading with him with just 0.23BTC and within 7 days i earned 2.9BTC.. i strongly recommend Mr Reams to investors that wants to earn positively from trading

  22. Indeed! I don’t think Bitcoin will fall below 3k. Bitcoin has never broken 200 moving average even after bull run in 2013-2014.

  23. +KarI Ess volume comes from many people surrendering at a certain point. go to tradingview and look at the blx (bitcoin liquidity index) then go to early 2015 where the last bearmarket ended you see a huge spike in volume bigger than anything before. it doesnt have to happen like that again, its just one possible scenario.

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