Bitcoin Capitulation SOON!? | $1230 Target In Bearish Scenario | Evidence The Bottom Is Yet To Come?

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0:57 20 & 200 Weekly MA
4:03 Chart UTXO 1 Year+
6:11 Weekly Stoch RSI
11:19 Weekly RSI
17:20 Target Level!
24:17 Fundamentals Vs. Technicals

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I don't accept donations, so if you want to support me, use any of the affiliate links above, also leave a like & SUBSCRIBE, that's completely free. Thank you very much!

Bitcoin Capitulation SOON!? | $1230 Target In Bearish Scenario | Evidence The Bottom Is Yet To Come?

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Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. My dear, volume is not declining, it is at historical hight now – go to Sunny Decree’s video from today and see his Excel from yearly export of CoinMarketCap through ALL exchanges!!

  2. That $6K bounce looks like a pebble skimming off water. Eventually it doesn’t have enough momentum to stay above it and drops through

  3. Im kind of hoping for $1230, but I dont think sub $1000 is possible, thats just TOO low. Buyers would defend that psychological level I believe

  4. Lol.. getting 25% Dislikes. This thing guarantees we surely haven’t seen bottom yet ๐Ÿ˜‚

  5. I chose to see the full side of the glass. Bottom line when these bearish corsses acour, we see a correction and then a rally.

  6. I really like how you took a step back and looked at the bearish scenario. Awesome video! (Haters gonna hate)

  7. This is a great TA video. I love your TA but I also love your gut feeling Carl. I will be watching 2.4k level. Thannks and love you…

  8. +The Moon one thing I’m sure though. Always expect the worst especially crypto. Buy orders waiting at $3k, $2500 and possibly $1300 if we break the first 2 support.

  9. Tone Vay says there is still a bottom to be discovered. Allessio Rastani says there is still a 5th wave and bottom to be discovered. You stand in good company with your review.

  10. TL;DR For everyone being angry about the video, and who clearly did not watch it: At no point in the video do I say that this IS going to happen. What I AM doing however, is exploring the bearish scenario. As a trader, I need to be prepared for both the bullish and the bearish scenario since it’s all based on probabilities. ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. At least some people enjoyed it haha, thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚ I dont talk about the longer term very often, but I felt compelled to show some indicators I’ve been following.

  12. Deepak Upadhyay, They say time is the fire in which we burn. And bitcoin hasnโ€™t capitulated yet.

  13. People disliking did not watch, or are too emotionally attached to their portfolio. This video was surprisingly informative, and I enjoyed getting a clear view of the bearish scenario

  14. True. Also include the hodler. Trader can make a profit even if it’s bear market. ๐Ÿ˜Š

  15. Carl: Guys I shorted my bitcoins, I need your panic sells. Please sell your bitcoins.

    After crash, post a new video with thumbnail like: “BITCOIN BULLISH PATTERN!! 4500!!?!?!? BREAK OUT SOON!!”

  16. Carl: Guys I shorted my bitcoins, I need your panic sells. Please sell your bitcoins.

    After crash, post a new video with thumbnail like: “BITCOIN BULLISH PATTERN!! 4500!!?!?!? BREAK OUT SOON!!”

  17. I think you all are new in crypto that’s why, otherwise at the time of 5k 4k &3k bitcoin didn’t touch 200 EMA which has been happened.

  18. Some things have never changed throughout history. Kings wud kill the messenger if they received bad news. Appears to continue today, more so as verbal annihilation.

  19. Hope not $1231…itโ€™ll scratch a lot adoption and take years to rebuild. The news will turn into pictures of Venezuelans running to cash out their Bitcoin

  20. +Deepak Upadhyay I know perfectly well it touched it. If you want BTC to start a healthy uptrend it needs to come down,test it again and hold. If that happens we’re going up. If it breaks……well you saw the video.

  21. he also said according to TA we would go to 60k by end of year 2018.. Nobody knows jack!

  22. you know the saying bulls make money bears make money and pigs get slaughtered ill take the price and hold long term right now at 3,000 thank you very much if it goes lower I can always buy more id much rather lock in my price right now near 3k then take a chance of getting short squeezed back up at 6-12k instead of 3k like whats going to happen to all of you morons for being too pessimistic and a pig.. pigs gets slaughtereddddd

  23. +Matej Bernatoviฤ‡ No prob, then do the export from CoinMarketCap and compare for yourself.

  24. 2018 TA guys on youtube “we will reach 100k 25k 30k 60k … never happened… 2019 5k 3k 2.8k 1.2k 500 usd.. hmmmmm ?

  25. Everyone said that if it hit 6k they were going to do the same. Didnโ€™t happen and we dropped to 3k, if we drop to 1k death spiral in mining will be huge news. Long term HODLers will be selling. Fear will stop adoption of store of value seeking countries…no one will be taking out loans

  26. Letโ€™s say you get a loan in 4 hours. Then it will take you 7 days to get it from your bank account to exchange. And you will miss it.

  27. Get real and quit following those fools. Krown is the best Proven experienced trading shows his trades. Not out for your money.

  28. only u buy at 6k … If uneed altseason btc must go down .Btc rocket need fuel to go up

  29. +HugFest 7 days?! It takes me about an hour but perhaps it’s not possible to get it quicker where you are. Of course getting it in your bank account can take time sometimes

  30. Time will tell if we break the 200 EMA, don’t need a machine for that. FYI, I’ve been buying at these levels.

  31. yes krown is out for your money, he has a scammy “vip” program just like “crypto kirby”. +Crypto Jiz

  32. I’m hoping for 6000 so we can get over it and start the next bull run, but if I saw sub 1k I would sell my gold and buy Bitcoin, keep silver though.

  33. Bob Loukas says the bottom is likely in. The truth is, no one can truly guess the next nove. Exactly what Carl says here AND in every video. It’s about likely moves, bo guarantees.

  34. Just put it on your credit card with 0% interest, or if your card does charge interest ask to see what offers they are, like a balance transfer ( which puts money in your current account to pay off the debt, but you still pay the same amount with 0% on your credit card)

  35. Slippery tittle tho hey lad …2 late 2 be going back when the title is bound 2 piss ppl of don’t u think so

  36. +Rob Not That is true for now. but in this scenario, if BTC has dominance over most of the market and if it capitulated, would you agree that they would drop as well, except for a handful of these coins?

  37. MrCidVicious if btc goes to 1250$ like Karl is sayin as a probability- all altcoins will lose another 60-70% from actual price (my 2cents)

  38. +Rob Not Right, so whether this happens or not, we just have to look at this a an opportunity to accumulate. I would never sell what I currently hold. I have funds available to see if a dip happens. If it does not happen I’m still good with what I have, and I wouldn’t put any risk by selling it. If the drop happens then I accumulate and reduce my investment risk even more. Everyone and their grandmother would be buying it up if BTC drops, so I would not expect it to be down for very long.

  39. +The Nerd Robert I whole hardheartedly agree. We just have to see this scenario as a potential opportunity. I will buy a lot of XRP, ADA, and some BTC.

  40. +Matthรฉ van Daalen | MKB Brandstof all you tubers do this to cover themselves so whatever way it goes they can say i told you so. You don’t need TA for crypto as history doesnt repeat in this market being controlled solely by whales.They could simply drop their sell walls tomorrow and there would be a massive bounce to the upside.

  41. +Raise Productions someone who can predict the future again haha do you know also the next jackpot number for loto? Stop assuming like u know coz no one knows

  42. If it stays above 3k long enough, more and more will say 3k bottom, and that is when it willl fall under 3k

  43. Dont’t waste your time with these Moonboys Carl, they just don’t get it and won’t ever be able to do so.

  44. +dago gonzalez Yes, let people FOMO in so that we can make more by the swings. I love others take on emotions, that’s good for trading, yes!

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