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0:52 Bitcoin
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Bitcoin Is Now The 11th Largest Money In The World

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BITCOIN BREAKOUT IMMINENT, PREPARE!! | Bitcoin Is A Safe Haven | Get $110 FREE On Bybit NOW!

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  1. i bought 1.3 btc @ around $4k… and i shorted the way up… -.-
    Well i learned my lesson and rebuilding slowly :/

  2. Couldn’t agree with you more Carl! I keep telling all my friends that it is a must to own at least one BTC. Unfortunately they still resist it.🤷‍♀️

  3. this is my protfolio, roughly….

    BTC 0.3079
    LTC 52.8056
    BCH 7.0087
    ETH 3.5400

    however i plan to convert all my alt coins into bitcoin when they get back to my highest price per coin perchase. so im actualy over 1 full bitcoin.

  4. Anytime anyone asks you how much bitcoin you have there only 2 answers. “Not enough” and “ that’s for me to know and you to wonder about.”

  5. I’m not wealthy so 0.1 BTC but would love to have the 1 BTC. The rest is in silver, not fiat, at least.

  6. wont happen until next week (monday 9.40am usa or china time)i think. thanks Moon. haha How many bitcoins do I want to own??? definitely not all of them Carl, not all of them.

  7. We have been waiting for 8500 to 8200 for weeks now and never bottomed to those levels from what “everyone” was saying. No one has a crystal ball.

  8. Currently working towards getting 0.1 bitcoin, currently sitting at 0.03. Would have more but this is due to needing the fiat to support my folks and expenses. So its a slow process but I will eventually get there.

  9. Because everyone seemed to be stuck on the idea that btc has to fill the futures gaps but that’s nonsense. No reason it has to, it just happened to previously.

  10. Here too. I will try to accumulate more, but it’s getting harder and harder as it’s getting more expensive.

  11. @Cybernetic orga nism I think we’re being greedy lol, but if it ever stays below 10k I’ll rearrange everything to buy MOR.

  12. Hey Carl, do think there is a big difference to either have 1 BTC than having the GBTC equivalence? I understand from an “ownership” perspective, but from a monetary means it should not matter right. I have GBTC because I had funds locked in my company 401k with traditional market spread. So I essentially created a self directed account and moved all of my 401k funds into GBTC when it was around $3.8 at the time. Which I feel was a good move, because I’m way up in contrast to what my prior portfolio performance was doing. So yeah I could either buy BTC on the exchange, but my 401k was at risk to traditional market downfall, so I hedged against it back in Feb. I’m just showing this as this could be an option to others out there.

  13. @steve morro – nothing is impossible just cost average a little bit at a time and I get that quarter by year’s end and eventually I will have a 1 BTC compare to the no-coiners I’m rich!!!

  14. @steve morro yeah maybe, had the same thing in 2017, sold some btc to build some miners, told my self, lot of time left before btc skyrocket, but then the uptrend started and screw me, my miners where never able to mine back the bitcoins i sold

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