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  1. Im still bullish, looks like we are bouncing upwards off the 21 daily ema.
    Greetings from The Netherlands!

  2. You should also consider a Bart pattern to retrace the entire 40% upward move and more. You’re still too biased to the long side. That’s not a sound and honest Technical Analysis for your followers, I’m sorry to say. Good luck on your longs. Where’s your stop-loss level?

  3. filling this gap at 8885 but also the other one at 7185 :D, even with the spike at 10350 we are in downtrend lower highs, just to notice.

  4. i would love to know when the close is, it is a 24 ( sometimes) market. No one ever says…is it UNiversal time? the price also went well blow the 21 EPA but did not come anywhere close to what was the point of the move?

  5. This is why my family and friends hate me! I go tell everyone to buy bitcoin and this happens 😂

  6. @music 2019 I can understand that with the halvening coming up. Just keep in mind that the price will go up before that date, because the lower supply will be calculated in beforehand.

  7. There’s a fair chance that no matter what point you buy at it’s going to go lower sometime, unless you were 100% perfect and bought at the exact bottom.
    Which never happens

  8. this what happens when listen to moon boys its gonna pump and pump and lol
    its a failed rally death cross is a death cross

  9. It’s responding exactly to the Elliott wave theory, move to the downside, then shoot right up before the end of the month.

  10. UPDATE: The CME futures gap has been FILLED! Also, the 200-day EMA is now being tested after being previous resistance!

  11. @Stefanos Zafeiriou I don’t think back to back bears means its over for crypto remember institutions are now here and watching/ manipulating the market. Things have changed and they may switch things up and go against past trends to flood out the weak and foolish and gain more btc. I truly believe crypto is here to stay but the rules are changing and we may see things happen that have never been done before.

  12. @Stefanos Zafeiriou even allesio says hes bullish if we stay above 7800 or was it 8200 or was it 5500 or even 3700 I think he mentioned them all!!

  13. Boxxox to brexit I mean cme gap ask bitmex and bybit if they have made enough money yet from stoppng everyone out to rekt

  14. These advises starting to cost me, Stop Loss on the long position was hit today with quit a big loss. Now do not dare to enter again…

  15. Once again accurate, entertaining, efficient, and after making me earning money you’re protecting me from the loss, thanks bro you’re amazing 👍👍👍

  16. @petespirals thats a fact right there buddy! I usually listen to myself. As the youtubers say, always do your own research. Thats why I played the obvious descending triangle on the 4hr. In addition didn’t think it would be THAT out of the ordinary to see the massive weekly falling wedge at least attempt a resistance / support flip which has basically touched perfectly 😉

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