Bitcoin BEAR TREND!? | XRP Added To COINBASE! | ENJ PUMPING! Enjin Wallet To Samsung Galaxy S10?

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Bitcoin Technical Analysis & Bitcoin News Today: Big news for XRP and Ripple. XRP will be added to Coinbase Pro. Also, Enjin (ENJ) and the Enjin wallet is rumored to be added to Samsung Galaxy S10. Also, I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. Watch the video to learn more!

1:08 Bitcoin Analysis
6:30 XRP Coinbase!
8:32 ENJ Galaxy S10

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What is ENJ and How Does it Work?

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Bitcoin BEAR TREND!? | XRP Added To COINBASE! | ENJ PUMPING! Enjin Wallet To Samsung Galaxy S10?

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  1. Carl where did you learn to read the charts? Do you maybe have some literature about it or you know some good readings that you would recommend? I would love to read and gain some trading education like you have.. tnx for any advice 😉

  2. Would have loved to get in that Enjin pump. Should have bought some when I was looking at it a few weeks ago. Well, just take the L and move on.

  3. 3k i can belive, 2,4 not so much. Below that is.just wishfull thinking. Never 1,3k people will have bought all at 2

  4. I support Coinbase adding XRP solely because price wise BTC has messed up big time, therefore let the competition begin and we will see which coin really rules the nest price wise.

  5. Huh . . . What That Guy Said.
    Super Interesting . . .
    Been Scratching the Noggin . . . Contemplating the BAT Price Action .
    Thanks for Showing the Galaxy S10 Rumor Report.

  6. Then what’s this guy talking about ??? Isn’t it all about VOLUME coming into the coin ? ALSO isn’t ETH & BITCOIN on the new SAMSUNG S10 Wouldn’t this drive the price up ??? 🤔 man this guy has no idea !!!

  7. +whey2me its not about what you and I believe, its about planning for it just in case. If it does go that low you better have plan for it.

  8. +Ibby Boxer they are both on s10 and many more.

    The enjin is the rumor he talks about, but the enjin is still the app in the playstore like we know now (y)

  9. Facepalm Jesus thanks! But you know – riding a bike is also very easy when you learn it 😀 I’ll try my best, because was looking really hard to find something you can work from home and swing trading seems to be the thing in which I would enjoy. Thanks guys! All the best 🍻

  10. +Jure Jovan 2 years ago i had no clue what a moving average is. You will be familiar in TA in just 2 months of practise

  11. Ripple is involved in many projects. XRP has many use cases. I understand your viewpoint Carl, but banks are not going to disappear overnight and indeed, they are only part of the XRP project. I hold good positions in both XRP and BTC. They will both do very well imho! Always enjoy, learn from and appreciate your invaluable contributions to this space. Thank you!

  12. +Ibby Boxer no idea? He’s been calling it pretty accurate since I started watching him. Maybe it’s you that has no idea.

  13. Hey Carl. Since you brought it up, could you share with us your altcoin holdings?
    Which coins do you think are good to hold going into the next bull market?

  14. XRP added to Coinbase Pro – the market reacts with a huge dump. The 10% pump came before the info was even released. This market gets more and more unpredictable. Will even the best TA be enough to stand a chance against this madness?

  15. Thanks Carl for your advices!

    I think this is already the bottom of BTC, time to buy some crypto till August/September. We’ll see!

  16. I was looking at some of these replies and they sound like they’re minimizing the level of difficulty in mastering TA. There are so many moving parts, and so many approaches…It reminds me of learning a language. It’s a pretty big job. I’ve spent thousands of hours learning TA over the last 19 months and still often don’t know what I’m doing, and I’m not stupid (I’ve learned modern Greek fluently). I’ve watched literally hundreds and hundreds of analyst videos by people like Karl. Here’s the good news: It’s fascinating and fun. The single best attribute you need is patience. Realistically, I need at least another year or two to be pretty comfortable trading on my own without depending on other analysts. Even now, I seldom make a trade without watching at least 4-5 current videos and averaging the risks.

  17. +Dan Truitt σου ευχομαι καλη τυχη λοιπον…δεν ξερω για σενα αλλα πραγματικα μεσα σε λιγους μηνες εξοικειωθηκα ευκολα με το ΤΑ. προφανως παιζει ρολο κ ποσο σου αρεσει να κανεις κατι. Παρολα αυτα αν μαθεις τα βασικα καλα κ μετα εφαρμοζεις το ΤΑ πανω στα νεα για να βγαλεις συμπερασματα τοτε εισαι σε σωστο δρομο

  18. +The Moon just imagine buying a candle THAT big? Madness. I’ve only been in cryptocurrency for 1.5 years, but I know if something pumps 125% on a rumour, you gotta sell some.

  19. You are doing very well mate. I like the way you explain complex concepts in a simple way. Hope you celebrate your 40000 once you get to that point 😉

  20. My theory is – and i wonder NOBODY is talking about – that cryptos are in a consolidation phase and that Bitcoin will gain more and more dominant!!! Since many people only buy other cryptos because they think that the potential for gains are higher! But i think we will come to a point ONLY Bitcoin will rise and the rest will go to ZERO! MARK MY WORDS! !!!! 😉

  21. +JoshuaJameson   Rather a patronising post. Unnecessary. You have obviously got a vacuum in knowledge regarding XRP. Sometimes, it’s better to say nothing if you don’t have knowledge about a subject.

  22. @Peter Benham the irony is that you’ve literally said nothing instead of explaining what I said that was incorrect.

  23. +The Moon Respectfully disagree Carl. You really need to examine XRP more closely. In just one area of use, poor foreign workers are able to retain much more of their remittances using the efficiency of XRP. I’m a big BTC supporter and have been since 2013, but the environmental cost of mining bothers me. Does it bother you? I am one of your strongest supporters; you have an amazing intellect. Please look more closely at Ripple as a company. I see massive possibilities SOON in XRP and the Ripple company’s trajectory. Thank you.

  24. +JoshuaJameson Sorry, Joshua, but I think that you are poorly informed. Research the Ripple company.

    And regarding 100 billion XRP, how many satoshi’s make up 21 million BTC? Think on.

    Regardless of what you say, I appreciate your comment. Thanks.

  25. Peter Benham you cant refute anything I said because it’s all true. You just tell me to “research” to try to feign that you’re some sort of authority on the subject.

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