Bitcoin $60k Soon? | Bitcoin ETF Approval To Push BTC Towards $60,000 According To These Charts

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Bitcoin Technical Analysis & Crypto News Today: Bitcoin exchange-traded funds or ETF's might soon be a reality with the CBOE. In this video, I explain everything about the ETF's you need to know, including the definition of an ETF simply explained. Is Bitcoin this bullish? Institutional investors will move in if the ETF's get approved by the SEC. But, is Bitcoin manipulated like Gold? I will show you how gold futures and ETF's maybe manipulated the gold price. Watch the video to learn more about this Bitcoin news story!

1:26 ETF News
2:28 What Is An ETF?
5:37 The Evidence
10:50 Why Manipulate?
17:46 General Thoughts
20:14 BTC Triple Bottom

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Bitcoin ETF: Will August 10th Mark The Revival of High Bitcoin Price?

Bitcoin $60k Soon? | Bitcoin ETF Approval To Push BTC Towards $60,000 According To These Charts

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Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. When we loose hope then bull run comes , and when we r bullish all time then it starts bearish 🤔🤔🤔

  2. They´re not talented to call the tops or bottom, they create them. They did start futures in December-January, but have been accumulating since October-November from around 6k, creating the FOMO which has driven BTC to the 20k ATH. That huge accumulation at the same time gave them the power to short BTC whenever the would wish to and to keep suppressing it ever since, accumulating again in the low regions which they also can “call”, but in reality they do not call them, they just create huge buy walls once they´ve triggered the FUD and panic selloffs and catch those cheap bitcoins at those walls.
    That is at least what I discovered watching the BTCUSD price action and order books for whole days and later had that confirmed from other sources.

  3. An ETF even if it is approved on the 10th of August, will go live in Q1 2019 or so. But the hype may still rise the price.

  4. Your best video yet Carl. You need to speculate more often than you do TA, much more entertaining

  5. Tulip and dotcom got trillions before popped up. Remember these two markets got trillions from USA only and crypto got global demand. 850M and it’s done ? I think the bubble doesn’t even start yet 🙂

  6. Carl, please continue with your ranting, those rants are so very informative!!! I love your videos, keep up the great work!

  7. No matter the condition in the market “see you guys toomorow” always calms me at the end of the video.

  8. Just wanna add something…I don’t think they called the bottom or the tops….they MADE the bottoms or the tops…think about it for a second.

  9. hey Carl great one again ! so i think it´s best to invest in weed if the price drops you can at least smoke it and may get rid of the pain from loosing money 😉 …

  10. Yes, the ETFs probably stopped the downtrend, making the new uptrend, thus the bottom was caused.

  11. They dont call tops or bottoms, they create bull runs and bear runs. They are the price makers.

  12. I agree, predictions are always speculative but when you a reeducated they still have value.

  13. “they have perfected the art of calling tops and bottoms…i mean.. I mean, come on!”.. Hahaha, brilliant

  14. “…nobody wants to track Pez dispensers…” hehehe Carl: Love your channel. You are young and have acquired an impressive amount of knowledge. You are a remarkably skiled expositor. Inspiring!

  15. Thanks for the video man. But I might bail out after the run up on BTC just before the etf is announced It will be happening. Then after the panic selling hits a low target for me I’ll buy back in for the real run up with big money coming in.
    You have to remember friends, what YOU think will happen along with the REAST of the heard, most likely the opposite will take place as smart money takes our cash.
    Not this time for me 🤞

  16. Terry Latham You’re right man, my mistake. Tulip was from Netherlands, but the trillions marketcap still valid. Thanks for reminder man 🙂

  17. why do you say btc is decentralized when bitmain controlls all the mining pools and hashpower

  18. this reminds me of a story from nassim taleb (i forget which book). he has two friends–one that’s educated, and one that’s street smart. he tells each one about a hypothetical: a coin is to be flipped 100 times. it lands heads 99 times. what are the chances of heads on the 100th toss? the educated friend says 50% chance, because the probability doesn’t depend on previous throws. the street smart friend says “100% heads, obviously–the game is rigged.”

  19. you wont see any approval in 2018 while there’s a pending CFTC investigation of the first US-regulated exchange product still underway for manipulation and fraud. no chance

  20. By the way, those shooting stars on BTCUSD 5m timeframe are short contract liquidations and subsequent buy-ins, BitmexREKT and Okcoin twitter bots report them. The problem is, as those buys are on relatively high volume and the normal volume these days is painfully low, they leave a gap in the order book (bids) which is instantly occupied by bears. It looks to me like they are trying to trigger some FOMO with little success, bulls seem to be very cautious after having learned a few lessons lately.

  21. Charlie Lee is one of the most unreliable and manipulative people in the crypto-space. He lied to the entire LTC-community and I think it is unbelievable that so many LTC-investors still see this shithole as one of the greatest people ever in the crypto-world.

  22. There’s normally a massive bull wick befor a bull run to get rid of the weak hands.

  23. hey hey hey, what would be the best deal you could negotiate as an ETF manager, a Bitcoin ETF or a DASH Masternode ETF? The creation of a dash masternode ETF fits with an ETF overall mission to make cryptocurrency more accessible to a wider audience

  24. You have a nice macro perspective many people in crypto fail to explain clearly. Quality content, liked the format.

  25. Different cultures different means of sarcasm, just making it clear for everyone’s benefit.

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