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Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. Why bybit only mention receive $50 when deposit minimum 0.2BTC. Please clarify

  2. The was no physical backed btc futures then. And also there were no institutional interest in btc as it is now.

  3. Today I don’t agree with the majority of your reasonments. This bull market is totally different from the previous cycle.

  4. The problem with predicting price action now with the past is that people has learned about that. For example they have learned that bitcoin is not going to 0. And the pull back is around 80% from the top. Meaning that people are willing to lose in the short term to take big profits later. So the bottom was now around 3000. Also from last pullback there was a fake out, now it is not because bitcoin is not going to 0. Also different is that a 40% is less likely because people are getting smarter and less scared because they know it is going up in the long term. Bitcoin can still be overheated in the short term but around 30% drop the experience / smart players are going to buy big. How big bitcoin will grow no one knows but it is for sure the the halving is a big boost in price, people are calculating that event. Bitcoin is new but it is not a baby or totler anymore. Survivele rate is higher and the baby bugs are gone. I say it is like a 17 year old human. And that after 10 years πŸ˜‰

  5. Carl maybe your measurement for January 2021 could be for the price to reach 100-300k and not to reach 20k.

  6. NEXT YEAR WE GO TO 100K. Of course we hit 20K end this year πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€πŸŒ™

  7. no point make sense carl,the fundamentals are so much different from past bullmarkets ,institutional money s coming in,exchanges popping up worldwide,regulation is forming,this bullrun will dwarf the previous ones for the decent projects.

  8. @Ride The Track There were only two boom/bust cycles with BTC so far, and we are only in the second. The first had none of what Ernest mentions. Sounds like you are referring to the equities, PMs, etc. The first parabolic boom was driven by pure speculation in the absence of solid fundamentals. This second has whale money that fully expects BTC going to $100k and then some.

  9. No, the charting indicate 86k is possible, that does not mean it will happen,and i think it will not happen not yet.

    However i believe we break a.t.h before the halving, this sounds long but it is not even a year away from today anymore.

    24k range is my guess around christmas

  10. For sure 2017 was a very funny joke in the next run we will reach 50,000$ and maybe higher.

  11. @arch frank If you appreciate his job then you have no clue how the market work.
    If he doesn’t need money then he wouldn’t make multiple videos promoting some shady exchange.
    I bet my money thats hes watching other youtubers TA or paying someone to do his TA then make these non-sense videos for you puppets.
    All his videos are basic beginner info that every traders should know from reading a book.

  12. @DarkCrypto we all have understood that you don’t like Carl. No problem, man. There is no obligation. Ahahah.
    Btw, don’t call me puppet, I have not insulted you in any moment, and you don’t know me.

  13. BAKT, ETF, Fidelity etc can speed up the bulls. Lot’s of new dollars coming into the market.

  14. It’s almost what literally needs to happen as the next leg up. People will start to short it and the exchanges will liquidate everybody and drive the price back up.

  15. Doesn’t matter if it breaks or not – just hoping it doesn’t break below 11K as it’s in actual right price now!!

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