BITCOIN 💥 NEXT BULL TARGET = $9,846? 💥❗️ LIVE Crypto Analysis TA & BTC Cryptocurrency Price News

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Is the Bitcoin (BTC) price potentially headed towards a target of $9,846, in my opinion?! Let's discuss this live today and some cryptocurrency trading technical analysis (TA) + speculative price prediction(s) + current 2020 market news for cryptos in today's video/live stream!

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Disclaimer: The content covered in this video/live stream is NOT to be considered as investment advice. I’m NOT a financial adviser. These are only my own personal opinions, ideas, speculative theories/hypotheses, charts, technical analysis (TA), insights, curated news publications and price prediction(s) for 2020 and beyond. The technical analysis in this video/live stream is completely speculative and does NOT guarantee any specific result or outcome. The technical analysis in this video/live stream has NO proven rate of accuracy and past performance is NOT indicative of future results. Do NOT trade or invest based upon the analysis presented in this video/live stream. Always do your own research and only invest solely based on your own findings and personal judgement after consulting with a professional/licensed financial adviser. I’ll never tell you what to do with your capital, trades or investments. I’ll also never recommend for you to buy or sell any asset, security commodity, derivative or cryptocurrency related instrument. I’m NOT a broker. I DON’T recommend or endorse the use of any brokerages or trading exchange platforms. Trading and/or investing in cryptocurrency and/or any related commodities/securities/derivatives/instruments is extremely HIGH RISK and you can very easily lose all of your investment capital! You should always consult with a professional/licensed financial adviser before trading or investing in any asset, security, commodity, derivative or cryptocurrency related instrument! I will NOT be held liable for any of your personal trading or investing decisions. This video/live stream is purely for entertainment purposes only!

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BITCOIN 💥 NEXT BULL TARGET = $9,846? 💥❗️ LIVE Crypto Analysis TA & BTC Cryptocurrency Price News


  1. I’m bearish cause I just sold all my bitcoin 3 days ago at 8400 hope i didn’t pull the trigger to early if it hits 8500 i might buy back in but I’m still skeptical

  2. MA150 and MA600 on the daily are pointing to cross deadly on march, the same that happened at the end of 2018, and then plunge into the crypto abyss.

  3. Kirby you should had an epic siren when it goes up and a epic fail sound when price corrects haha Thanks again for your videos. Listen to you when I drive home from work lol

  4. @Christine look at the btc weekly chart using the mac D indicator. The last upward cross we had was early spring 2019 breakout.

  5. 3:10 You finally broke little James’ spirit and he’s bearish now. This means it’s time to be bullish. Let’s get this crypto!

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