Big MOVE Coming 17th Of December?!


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Bitcoin Technical Analysis & Bitcoin News Today: Is the Bitcoin price going to reach a bottom soon or continue to crash? I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. Watch the video to learn more!

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1:00 Bitcoin TA
8:11 Recent Price Update
11:20 Ethereum TA
12:40 Capitulation?
14:30 What Is BTC?
15:29 Coinbase & PayPal

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Big MOVE Coming 17th Of December?!

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Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. I am seeing US$2,947 and up about US$3,036 again. In January, price range around US$3,108 stagnancy until after Lunar New Year 2019.

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  4. Nice job, Karl, as always. I think we are approaching capitulation, though only halfway through the volume “U”. I do think that there are major investors (institutional) who are silently accumulating, but carefully. They come in at the levels of $3100-3200 or so when the big green candle moves happen, which in some cases have been within only 5-15 mins. The biggest one I saw live was a 10% up move within about 5-8 minutes. It took about 2 days to settle back down. But this accumulation still seems to kick in. They dont want to pay too much for it right now. I think that will continue through a consolidation phase, but if we get a capitulation candle at or below 3000, I think we may see a big spike up like a stretched rubber band. May take about 3-6 months in 2019 to show new bull run, depending on how aggressive these institutional investors become.

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  6. because you saw that on other youtubechannels?? or are you rubbing yr chrystal ball or are you a true expert???

  7. +Paul Castellano that’s interesting you say that actually, so is it no porn and sex. Where you addicted before? I know it affects brain but does it deteriote it. I will do some more research , would like to hear about your story more.

  8. Noticed a coincidence: the down-sloping resistance line on ETH chart meets the current ETH support exactly on the 17th of December! 12:24

  9. Honestly BTC fans these days like BTC: 3100 USD, not bottomed yet it will down 3000, no it will down 2900, no it will be bottomed 2800, no! 2700,2600,2500,2400,2300,23,2,0… Okey we bottomed now

  10. We are in panic I been through the last 2 bear markets and this one is just about half way through we still got a few months .. probably about September 2019 next bull run will begin

  11. carl? observe the comments below. there u can see we are almost at the capitulation stage. haha. almost all is hating the btcoin now. shopping spree soon.

  12. +DAVID HANLON Until the (Masses) & (Traders) are out. Institutional from every country will quietly move in. Usually took about 2 years when Masses & Traders ain’t noticing.

  13. You are not happy with losing some of you’re $$$$$, you are willing to lose all of you’re $$$$ by purchasing bitcoin, shitecoin? You are a moron!

  14. +Silver Jaguar no.. You are not honest.. I like money.. but i like honesty more.. we live in a fucked up world..

  15. Yep! Stock market in big trouble! 2008 Iceland or US fractional reserve crash could be on the horizon – will continue to dollar cost average with caution to diversify away from Fiat!

  16. Yeah I know I know exactly what you mean about trust like comments that are posted and then when you look at the commenters channel and there’s not one single thing in their Channel yeah trust like when somebody hires up a robot to parade about on all of your YouTube stations and f****** lie

  17. You mean your comment is the dumbest thing you’ve read today it’s the 10-year anniversary of the invention of Bitcoin on December 17th you jackass

  18. +Brandon Murray you are funny 😅
    You made me feel relief.i thought you know something .
    When you think its good to buy ? Being more real )

  19. @UCSfr2fHoCqLBb5mflC8b-yA I also think like you , I also deep inside belive in coins , I also see paper money is not what it used to be .Lets hope bitcoin will drop more , so we can afford more .But from other hands why would bitcoin go down ?

  20. The easiest way to score a goal in football is a penalty, but it depends on who’s taking the penalty. Trading is all about hooking up with professionals. I know Mr Earl is up to the task.

  21. Keep dreaming. We will be accumulating down the bottom for maybe 3-4 years. Let the noobs sell, and new money to start accumulating. I dont know why people dont get this yeat, history has been so consistent. Your moonboy mentality is why people lose money. Patience is key.

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