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Bitcoin Technical Analysis & Bitcoin News Today: I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. Watch the video to learn more!

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Carl Eric Martin (The Moon)


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Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. 10:04 Bitcoin has had enough time to build this up. Other altcoins can do it better! Bitcoin is not the only one in this space man

  2. Hey Carl, Dash is instant thanks to its master nodes, yet supposed to be very secure. Where is the compromise there?

  3. If bitcoin dominance would go to 90%…that means to me that bitcoin will go lower and altcoins even more.

  4. DEFI is changing how finances works, FINNEXUS is great example Due to the fact that the FNX tokens can be converted to USDT after the sale even if the price drops by 10 times

  5. In a few years you will watch this video again and think like “man, i should’ve taken this guy’s words more seriously” And Carl will either stop uploading his videos at that point, or keep posting them but on some fancy yacht.

  6. Carl you’re totally irrational with BTC dominance at 90% lol I think you’re letting your personal feelings conflict with logic

  7. Explain why this is irrational? BTC has proven it can be a store of value, most altcoins havent proven anything.

  8. Bitcoin is the money of the major institutions. The alt coins (valued at a cheaper satoshi price will be used by the masses). The dominance argument doesn’t matter.. because as the free market decides based on value, ease of use, and acceptability world wide on a lower retail commerce level, which ever btc or alt takes that position that will be the dominating currency on a day to day use. It will not determine the true value of the price. Just the true value of its use.

    For example , many people use the USD in daily transactions, and that dominates the market in use, however Berkshire Hathaway A quality shares are 35k a share. So even though they do not dominate in use, their price out paced the USD value in nominal terms. The dollar can only be valued at its determined set price by decree.

    This argument my not be valid with how bitcoin works but my agreement still retains its deferring principal .

    I hope that makes sense.

  9. All crypto needs to un-tether from BTC. Period. Continue to DCA, they can’t keep us down forever.

  10. Yeah apparently he didn’t calculate that either lol. BTC dominance was high AF during the peak bear market.

  11. I still lik carl but more bad info, i will have to unsub soon. It’s already hard to keep up with news and i have to listen to this lazy content. Carl’s got a nice tan on his holiday but doesn’t mean he should deliver crap content either. At least Crypto daily didn’t post at all for the respect he didn’t have any content.

  12. You can always download and follow the news on new coins on apps like Cryptopapaya, and invest in these coins immediately. This is how you can make quick money!

  13. Hey Carl, the Bitcoin Cash halving is in about 2 days from now and nobody is talking about it. Perhaps it could foreshadow what happens to Bitcoin? Perhaps not? I have heard there will be a big switch of BCH miners over to BTC after it’s halving because it will be more profitable to mine BTC until it gets its halving also. Thoughts?

  14. I think alot of it has to do with everyone being at home with nothing else to do.

  15. Nobody is talking about it because bcash is irrelevant.

    The Bitcoin halving should cause the price to go up, but it could also be a sell the news event.

  16. @kas8 It is the first time it is halving though, first time the supply will be cut to half

  17. @kas8 It’s relevant in the sense that it could foreshadow what BTC will do after its halving. Both halvings are at 630k blocks, yet BCH is getting there about 40 days ahead of BTC. Nothing to lose by paying attention.

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