$20,000 By The End Of 2019? | The Coming Crypto Bubble & Is $10 Million Per BTC Possible?

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Is the Bitcoin price going to be able to reach $20,000 by the end of the year? Well, Sonny Singh thinks so, and I'll discuss the future of BTC in this video. My Bitcoin analysis leaves me with a Bitcoin price prediction of $1m to $10m dollars. I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make this Bitcoin price prediction so watch the video to learn more!

0:50 Falling Wedge?
5:21 Logarithmic Chart
7:48 EMA Support?
10:22 How To Long A Bounce
18:48 Be The Smart Money!
21:01 The Coming Bubble
23:41 At The End Of 2019

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$20,000 By The End Of 2019? | The Coming Crypto Bubble & Is $10 Million Per BTC Possible?


  1. You Drop Your Video In Time For The Beginning Of My Bus Ride To Work Almost Every Day! Thx buddy & Keep Up The Good Work!!

  2. 😂 “we have a wick & a support line”. We bounced here “ we bounced there “ END OF VIDEO😂😂

  3. Oh Carl what happened to your 60,000 usd prediction on 2019? Have you changed your mind to 20,000 usd?

  4. If we go farther down, someone has to start making shirts saying I survived the 2018 crypto bear market or something once we start going back up.

  5. I bought another 800 euro’s in crypto yesterday, if this isn’t the bottom we are very close to it

  6. Not much historical support at this current level. Imo we are headed to 3500 and possibly 3k before a decent bounce. Then after a short recovery I can still see it headed down to 1300 before we escape this bear.

  7. I use BraveNewCoin Liquid Index on Trading View and Simple Moving Averages by stocksinboxx. 200 Weekly SMA points out to around $3500 bottom (it also supported previous bear market bottom in 2015.

  8. Honestly, this Market is like a Women, you just don’t know what she is going to do next. just unpredictable. When you put hope and time into the relationship she probably going to dump you.

  9. You can tell Carl is a moon boy Everytime we go lower he says the is is absolutely the bottom right now lmfao thats what he said about 6k now watch if we drop to 3.5k he’s gonna say we are absolutely at the bottom right now I heard him say we was absolutely at the bottom 6times over the last 6 months , smdh MOONBOYs everything is always the bottom and we always about to head up straight to the moon lmfao

  10. his 20k prediction is for end of 2019, maybe the 60k is for the beginning of 2019, Mcafee now saying btc will be 1 Billion USD by 2030

  11. +Bob Goudreau Kirby is only making money from his VIP subs lol, his channel is full with flashing “join VIP” signes / mickey mouse voice rekt city claims etc etc almost desperate imo..
    In a bearmarket its not that hard to predict downwards movement, glad “the Moon” isnt a cashgrab yet 😛

  12. Oversold is a false defination of rsi! Actually oversold means that the market is now really bearish! It can go the lower prices faster than before!

  13. Funny thing is another analyst has the same 4k MA.. i am kinda confused. Mb u both use some special purchaseable MA tool? Is the free MA version giving the same lines?

  14. I do think we could flush down once more, but the bounce will take us above the current level quickly, and then we will attempt a retest of where ever the flush takes is (below these current levels), but once we break back above $6K we may very likely never see $5-$6K ever again.

  15. If that’s going to repeat, we’re going to go to 6K and then get a final flush to around the 2K range.

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