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StormGain Review


Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. Don’t buy LUNA anymore, if you want to throw some money away, rather give them to charity. Buying LUNA now is mark of insanity. NFA – just friendly advice.

  2. 13:30 That’s not possible sry. The supply has been multiplied by 10. And it continues to increase very quickly.

  3. They deserve the best since their activism drives the whole crypto area into Mainstream

  4. I noticed the stable coins they always go within 99% or 1.01 dolla. It happens alot. And also dolla also changes in price.

  5. I bought some too and seeing my entire portfolio melt. that’s part of having the skin on the game.
    great content thank you!

  6. …. Extremely inflationary. Crypto should have its strength in not just DeFi (which is essential) but also as deflationary assets/property.. as a hedge to save the infrastructure of communication and the internet. Obviously Luna now lives up to its name… deceptive … Don’t support non-deflationary assets when it becomes obvious… Is my take on it. Time to reconsider positions and what worthy your support

  7. do not listen to these people , they are only thinking off them selfs, they would have most likely sold off around 30/40k then they will re-buy when it hits 12k

  8. “I wouldn’t risk even remotely close ot 1% of my portfolio”
    “i lost a total of 1.8m usd”
    So his networth is upwards of $80-100m?

  9. Sorry to hear of your loss, Carl. These things are sent to try us. I can hear you becoming a stronger man through this.

  10. @Cragz UK dude he’s friend with Vitaly. They have to do crazy demeaning things to get money from views no way he’s worth 100million.

  11. You know you’re in a wealthy social circle when you’re comfortable enough in laugh in your friend’s face about them losing $1.8m!

  12. who would still put money in this project if it’s stablecoin isn’t even a stablecoin, lol

  13. Different article valued his assets at 1B$ but I guess he lost some with that crypto bewrmarket

  14. Yeah, I put 200 euros into Luna when it fell to 27 and saw it start climbing again, so I quickly bought 200 eur of Luna, and now those 200 eur are 0.40 cents 🫣🤦

  15. @Michael Snyder Luna founder already had a failed coin previously with same principle behind it Algorithmic Stable coin. I can’t believe it got to that valuation with his previous history

  16. @Yurties how come I didn’t know about this? I constantly listen to the news and influencers?how come nobody knew about this or mentioned it?

  17. if you can drink 4 cups coffee a dat from starbucks then why not buy luna even the price is dropping

  18. @Origins .0000 Elon Musk don’t own a single house. He sleeps in his friends house.

  19. DUDE. You keep misleading people. Tradings risk are done on PERCENTAGE of portfolio. if your portfolio is 600 m dollars, then 1.8m is only a 30 dollar loss to someone with a 10 k dollar portfolio. so if i had a 10k dollar portfolio, then i should only risk 30 dollars on luna

  20. @Sirius Saracen
    I think they are minting Luna(not burning). They might be burning UST.

  21. liquidated means you lost your entire nut, that’s not a blessing. . ”stopped out” = a blessing, jussayin

  22. ​@GoodDay Oh really? Buy now at $0.00002 or when you called it and it was $0.02? I’m confused :D. Anyway back to $30, you will make 6Mx, congrats & LMAO. To others: Only Jesus was raised from the dead.

  23. This guy is what happens to someone who got lucky in life and believes it was his genius.

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