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ikgololo: Maikutlo HORE Hlaha ka livideo tsa ka. KE 'NA a ikarabelle bakeng sa maruo kapa tahlehelo le hore u ka ba le HA reka metšoasong, CRYPTOCURRENCIES, OR Ho seng joalo. KAMEHLA BOITLHAKISO hlokolosi le ETSA bolella liqeto tsa hao tsa.

Batho ba hlahang lits'oants'o tse nyane, litlotla, OR litlhaloso MAY OR a ke ke a amahanngoa le dihlooho tse EA KA TŠOHLOANG. Leha e le efe tšoana le batho ba sebele KE feela lesego.

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KE KA NO TSELA A Market litsebi; SEBEDISA Kahlolo ea hao HA reka metšoasong le tse ling. KE 'NA ha a ikarabelle bakeng AND rua OR tahlehelo hore u ka ba le.

Marakeng KE tlhaho kotsi, AND U LOKELANG HO SE FEELA Sebelisang SEO U ka ho feletseng IKEMISELITSENG ho lahleheloa ke.

Qotsitsoe hlahang VIDEO Litlotla le tse ling le maikutlo ka; Ba le NO TSELA RELATED HO maikutlo a LITSEBI LI SE Industry. VIDEO litlotla LI mong maikutlo a ka 'me e lokela ho nkoa JOALOKAHA e thehiloeng' neteng OR sefahleho BOHLOKOA.

Ke hona joale Finyella MANAGEMENT IN metšoasong, Bonds, AND CRYPTOCURRENCIES.

Ke ho hang ha e ntšetsa pele ICOS. ICOS LI HIGH KOTSI, MANAGEMENT khopolo-taba e seo e ka ba khothalletsoang ke batšoantšisi MPE. KA LEBAKA LENA, KE NTHO e mahlonoko tseo ho leng ea ho batla ho eletsa TSOANG setsebi laesense lichelete PELE investing ICOS AND CRYPTO ka kakaretso. SE etsa joalo ho ka u beha kotsing lichelete.

KE 'NA HA A litsebi laesense lichelete, KE 'NA mokhabo SETJHABA bontša maikutlo a ka ka YouTube sethaleng. Ha ho letho le boletsoe VIDEOS KE KELETSO, AND LOKELA ho nkoa JOALOKAHA KELETSO. Sebelise a thepa leha e le efe KOTSI Hao, AND JOALOKAHA KAMEHLA, FEELA Sebelisang SEO U ka ho feletseng IKEMISELITSENG ho lahleheloa ke.


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  1. Man I feel like a bot, I just keep posting BITCOIN FOREVER multiple times a day, simply for the off chance I might win a hundo in BTCIts worth it!!!

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  4. I think the pullback to the .382 fib level was indeed the retracement we needed and BTC is just continuing to the upside as expected. Could we see a major pullback? Maybe, but I don’t see it happening just yet. Maybe at the next fib level of $16K; should we pull back 40% that would keep us above the $10K level. Who knowsit’s all speculation at this point. Enjoy the ride!…….. My only advice for investors and new bees is to take advantage of Mr Jacob’s program, e Mohoebi lan ba le e thusa batsetedi ipokellela bitcoin eketsehileng ka leqheka la hae e hlollang khoebo, with his program I went from having 3btc to 11.5btc in just 3weeks. You can reach him on Email @ Jacobwesley61@gmail or Telegram @jacobwesley22. WhatsApp +1(405)266-3731. .

  5. He’s just uploading old videos for views. Weird but I’m not going to watch any more videos.

  6. BTC was under 1k when 2017 began. No one can predict how high it will go. I believe BTC will be 28k$ in December, Keep Buying and Trading.

  7. Jacob was featured in a forum i stumbled upon and he made a lot of sense. I am sure he is as good as people say because of the level of experience he exhibited in that discussion

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  11. I like these videos but it screws me up listening to old videos that are uploaded again. I’m sorry but I have to unsubscribe because of this.

  12. If now there is a final round of ICO from Pavel Durov, it means Gram will start its floatation soon

  13. I got interested in bitcoin when i felt it was a bit late and as it kept rising, i made myself believe it would dip further until i got the logic and had to sell some positions i held in some other coins and made a total of 4btc at $7,800 each. I was then introduced to Mark Hall who told me DCA was a good strategy but trading was an even greater strategy so i went in quite skeptical. In just 2 weeks, i had grown 4btc to over 12btc and this has been a thing of joy to my family and I. His strategies and trade signals are some of the most accurate and easy to implement. For inquiries, Mark can be reached by mail *(* so as to get a better understanding of his new job

  14. Reminder Łitecoin fees recently reduced by 90 per cent and Warren Buffet, Justin Sun and Charlie Lee charity lunch getting closer🧞‍♂️

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