Biggest Bitcoin Price Catalyst EverState Actors Buying Crypto

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Recent reports indicate that Russia may be considering buying Bitcoin as a strategic asset. What would it mean?


Russia Plans to Ditch US Dollar for Bitcoin, Says University Professor


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Biggest Bitcoin Price Catalyst EverState Actors Buying Crypto

31 maikutlo

  1. Interesting movements indeedI see the Yellow vest movement is boycotting banks and may diversify into bitcoin as an alternative

  2. Countries sanctioned by US will bethe catalystfor the next bull run.
    They are waking up at last!

  3. Herd needs to be herded, otherwise they escape and stir up thoughts of liberation.. chaos and revolution. Can’t have that can we.. 🙂

  4. Yeah, we can skip the wall street fomo, all the SEC shait, they don’t deserve our coins anyway! lets just jump straight into state level fomo….bring it on!! 😀

  5. Thanks for the update Lark. I think it’s important to note that OTC trades still take supply out of the market. Price is just a barometer of supply and demand. When there is less bitcoin circulating, it is naturally going to lead to higher prices on the exchanges.

  6. Many countries have been trying for years to detach from the US Dollar, Russia and China have been buying gold for years to enable a kind of a disconecton and gain autonomy. BTC is a life running system at a global scaleso they dont need to invent the wheel again.

  7. Be sure to invest before the Russian buy the rumors sale your wifeeuh something like that.

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