Facebook’s Libra Coin a BIG MISTAKE? Quick World Finance Update – kripto News

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Mark Cuban has recently expressed his dislike for Facebook's Libra, is he on to something? Mattie will also look into the U.S. proposing barring big tech companies from offering financial services and digital currencies. You will also get a quick world finance update.
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US May Bar Large Tech Firms From Issuing #Cryptocurrencies AND proposes barring big tech companies from offering financial services, digital currencies.

Mark Cuban Thinks Facebook #Libra is a Mistake

Mark Cuban thinks Facebook’s Libra is a Big Mistake

Quick World #Finance Update

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Facebook's Libra Coin a BIG MISTAKE? Quick World Finance Update – kripto News

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  2. There’re not decentralized. That’s the main issue, and would be like a digital monarchy, if big tech coins become a thing.

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  12. most African countries have their currencies and wealth controlled by western powers like France, UK and the US. And their Dictators are maintained by any means necessary, including engineering military coups and fakepopularuprising. I agree with you that those countries need crypto more than anyone else but certainly not facebook coin (Peshorja). They need Bitcoin!

  13. I think it would be a big mistake to give facebook the green light with Libra. They just want more worth and control, this would not but the power back to the people, there are plenty of coins that will give the power back without Libra. Facebook can not be trusted, they proved that already. saying sorry dose not make them trustworthy. They were only sorry because they got caught.

  14. Facebook’s already censoring people. Imagine if they control the form of money you keep your wealth in, v and one day they decide to shut you off because you made a political donation to a candidate they don’t like, or bought a membership to a website they don’t like. I don’t trust any of these tech companies, and I don’t believe they have a desire whatsoever to help people. It’s about control.

  15. You don’t want to bet your financial future on Libra. Better try finding low cap low supply gems, the magic of token metrics done right works for real. A good example is NOIA, has all the chances to pump really hard due to super low initial supply (just 1.41%)

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