Bitcoin Monster Crushing Crypto Alt Coins! Will You Survive & Thrive?

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Will Bitcoin continue to crush the crypto alt coin market? How can you maximize your profits during the bull market? BEST RESEARCH REPORTS IN CRYPTO – Simetri

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Bitcoin Monster Crushing Crypto Alt Coins! Will You Survive & Thrive?

43 komente

  1. Altcoins are approaching a solid pump! Dont sell your alts now as you are about to get wrecked!

  2. I wanted a mini dip or so two-three days ago and we got it. I should have wished for something else, but beggars can’t be choosers XDDDD

  3. Lark I’m gonna be honest, you are so smart that i need to be fully awake and on my top mental game to fully comprehend your message and videos overall. Keep up the great work!

  4. This is just Bitcoin showing solidarity with poor Litecoin’s halfening 70% drop as predicted by Charlie Lee. 😀

  5. Just forget about if its a retirement account and will sit there for 2-3 years Its when We invest more than we can afford to lose that it becomes emotional

  6. All that has to happen is a small percentage of large buyers to start coming in. Perhaps when stock markets show trouble.

  7. @ken DRAKE (Kind of a joke) LTC is predicted to dump 10 days prior to halving by as much as 70%. This may make it go much lower, si $18 LTC.

  8. Loving the just got out of the shower look Lark!

    And loving the shirt as always!

    Keep up the great content.👍

  9. As an investor my long term plan is dollar cost averaging for the next 8 vjet, after that hopefully I can start spending my gains over time and not need to cash out into the dollar.😎

  10. @RAD Official I am thinking if I should have stop losses at or just below my purchase price on every trade. Monitor and buy back in on signs of breakouts and cross my fingers.

  11. If you’ve held your alts since the highs of late 2017/early 2018 then having sold them at any other time other than now would have been better than getting rid of them now. If you’re still holding, in my opinion you’ve got to see it through now. The alt market will rise from the ashesit just may take a while

  12. What’s up with the thumbnail man? Care to explain the meaning?
    I’ve thought about it and i can’t see a single reason to post a pic of a newborn, painted blood red, and in the hands of sinister looking black gloves, and a title saying ‘monster’s crushing’

    I don’t take kindly to imagery like that. Any abuse of the young, në fakt. You seem OK with it though?
    Don’t do it again Lark Davis of ………, New Zealand.

  13. @Shaun Rudling Nice boat! I’m undecided still looking, but a live aboard would be cool, winter on land summer at sea.

  14. @Greg Richey Stop losses maybe go 2-3% below buy.. also consider charges. I’m not a trader though.. see Chris’s channel, CryptoRevolution or Carl, Hena

  15. @The Crypto Lark A picture paints a thousand words.There is nothing to read.It is Blatantly Pheuking an abomination and you are sick to think it would represent something that perhaps may caus e a reaction.If you read all your comments.They were not pleased…..Cut the crap of manipulating a baby who can’t defend itself in apparently satans weak hands.I pray the blood of the Lamb over innocent unborn and born.God wins not Luciferian blood suckers.Hallelujah!!!

  16. In the end HODL’ers win if for no other reason exchanges fail, the fiat system dies and we are left with nothing but the good peer to peer, decentralized cryptos that demand truth and honesty because that’s what they were built for.

  17. @RAD Official the guy at Crypto Revolution is the one who has me thinking that way.

    He said if you don’t take the profit someone else will.

    Not that I want to be a trader.

    I just don’t want to be the guy that’s waiting for it to get back to where I was so I can sell it without losing.

    Maby I wanna be a swing trader. I don’t know. I am still trying to figure it out.

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