Was This The Bottom?! Or Test 6k Again?? | Ethereum Is NOT A Security [Bitcoin Today]

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Bitcoin Analysis & Bitcoin, Crypto News Today: Ethereum is not a security according to the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commision). Bullish news for all Ethereum HODL'ers. wo, we do the usual Bitcoin technical analysis, and I talk about the EMA's and the Triple bottom. Is the Bitcoin triple bottom still valid, or are we going south? Watch the video to find out!

1:15 Triple Bottom Update
2:52 Today's Price Action
6:09 Comparing The 3 Bottoms
8:06 To My Subscribers
12:50 Bitcoin & Crypto News (Ethereum)

Ethereum Security, SEC: https://www.coindesk.com/sec-official-ether-is-not-a-security/

Was This The Bottom?! Or Test 6k Again?? | Ethereum Is NOT A Security [Bitcoin Today]

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  1. Hi Carl, nice job you do thank you :-). From Tasmania where it is winter and a lovely sky tonight!

  2. Carl, you’re awesome! I enjoy your videos very much. You should move forward with the Patreon account!

  3. There’s one part of me that says let’s go higher then another that says let’s go lower because we are already there. I would like to see a legit run though. Time to make some money. Thanks Carl for the great vid. Still one of the best channels out there. Consistent solid content and great personality.

  4. CLARIFICATION: I have not decided to create a Patreon account. But IF I do, the daily videos here on YouTube would still be totally FREE, like they are now. With Patreon you’d have the OPTION to pay for other rewards, like exclusive live-streams and so onIt seems like some people thought I meant that I would start charging money for my videos. NEVER. Patreon is a website off of YouTube, and it does not affect my YouTube-channel. I’m NOT going to start robbing you off your money, because I love you all, you are all part of this channel, and my channel will always be free for you guys!! /Carl 🌙😀

  5. Definitely possible, but I don’t think it’s the most likely scenario. Thank’s for watching Michael! 🌙😀

  6. I think the bottom is not 6kI see 2 more lower lows, one under 5k and one lower that 3kthen consolidation around 4k and a breakout in the fall

  7. I believe the true bottom will be at $5400 and from there it will bounce back like a rocket.I have a theory about why the markets are flushing out thelittle people”…the sharks are coming! And if anyone as ever saw nature documentaries you can see those drone footage above water when sharks attack a school of fishThis is my view of the market right now. Price manipulation to scare the smal fish and take down walesit looks like a feast right now. As soon as the price reachesacceptableentry point for the Institutional companies it´s GAME ON!
    Carl you are doing excelent job and I agree with the majority of your TA. Keep it up and I´ll see you on the Moon! ; )

  8. The moon has a big heart! I would understand and not mind at all personally if you had ads on here. You deserve it!

  9. Carl. It’s obvious you do this wholeheartedly and you do not need to feel guilty about a fair exchange. Go for it. Keep up your excellent work. Ndatenda

  10. Carl I think bottom is 5000 it will be a good entry point for institutional players , when it hit 25000 by year end they will make 5 bagger of their investment

  11. SEC “It’s not a security, and we can’t see a lot of value in it.Yet the IRS seems to think it has enough value in it, to reap the taxes that are supposedlydueon it.

  12. I like the fact that you do not have ads. I like uninterrupted video from you. I enjoy your thoughts on crypto’s

  13. Not about money? You did ask me for $2000 kuti “shandisa mari” for me…… To which I politely declined lol

  14. I have learned a lot from you. Thank you for sharing all your knowledge. You look so young but with a lot of experience on it and great analytical skills. You rocks!!!

  15. Everyone thinks we’re ganna moon because of the SEC hearing, that tells me opposite ganna happen, I been playing opposite of the market past few months and it always has turned out in my favor 😆

  16. The Moon
    Wow. Haejin Lee started out the same as you and now he is charging $800 a year for people to see the same videos you do.

    Congratz on your humbled personality.

  17. Glad your enjoying your lovely sky! As Hemingway wrote in The Islands in the Stream, “ out of all of the things we can’t have, one thing we can have to know when it is good, and there”. Beautiful sky’s, early, and late light is often missed.

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