Top Signs Of Bitcoin Bottom! | SEC Reviewing 9 ETF’s | IMF Doesn’t Like Bitcoin

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Bitcoin Technical Analysis & Bitcoin News Today: There are many signs of a Bitcoin bottom, I'll address some of them. wo, I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. The IMF does not like Bitcoin and the SEC is reviewing 9 BTC ETF's. Watch vhidhiyo kudzidza zvakawanda!

0:36 Bitcoin Bottom?
4:58 New Perspective
9:18 $100 Billion Support
11:36 Price Update
12:33 9 ETF's
14:49 Expert: Bitcoin Bottom
17:05 IMF Hates BTC

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IMF Global Financial Stability Report, Kubvumbi 2018

Top Signs Of Bitcoin Bottom! | SEC Reviewing 9 ETF's | IMF Doesn't Like Bitcoin

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  1. Carl, one interesting chart you should have a look at is the KRW to BTC chart, since a majority of the worlds volume derive from Korean players it does make sense to look at that chart at least as another indicator, and that chart has a completely different overall story than the USD to BTC chart (much much more bullish)
    Have a look at it 🙂 Cheers

  2. +D Based no market goes AS he allways goes. Like a hanging bridge. And the low never went lower than the forelast ath. This is a natural law that was never broken all the 10 years of bitcoin.

  3. Time to crash the current Ponzi Scheme. The current 1% own it and use it to suppress 99%. Buy cryptocurrency.

  4. Finally I understood all the words fromif you think that that sounds interesting then I think that you should keep watching this video😀

  5. It cannot be called asubtlebashing. It is actually a really gross & thick try, that will only work for complete newbs 🙂

  6. The IMF are a bunch of evil crooked swine!! Distrust everything they say and do 100% Thank you for sharing and pointing out the truth of this Carl!

  7. Excuse myfrench I believe your correct. It should follow one last massive drop though. These institutional investors don’t like to pay retail price. They are even more greedy than the retail investor. They want to buy in at the cost of production rate which is in between $4200-$5800 usd. It will be a wick down to fill order follow by a massive green candle. Looking back at how bull runs start and there is a massive drop creating a turning point which then builds momentum to the upside with no looking Back. All this we have already hit a bottom is semi accurate and TA shows we can hit at least $5840 once again. Just remember: longer the bear run = longer the bull run and vice versa hence the long bear in comparison to last years bull. See ya at the top.

  8. vakabvuma. What i think will surprise people will be the speed at which it climbs when it takes off. The big boys are just playing chicken at the moment. It will be breathtaking when they start bombing the exchanges with multi million dollar transaction buys like it’s chump change.

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