BITCOIN TO $14,000 BEFORE HALVING ?!?! 🛑💥 LIVE Crypto Analysis TA & BTC Cryptocurrency Price News

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Is the Bitcoin (BTC) price potentially headed toward $14,000 before "The Halving" event, in my opinion?! Let's discuss this live today and some cryptocurrency trading technical analysis (TA) + speculative price prediction(S) + current 2020 market news + "The Halving" event for cryptos in today's video/live stream!

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Disclaimer: The content covered in this video/live stream is NOT to be considered as investment advice. Handisi chipangamazano zvemari. Ava chete pachake pfungwa dzangu, pfungwa, speculative theories/hypotheses, machati, zvekushandisa ongororo (TA), kunzwisisa, curated news publications and price prediction(S) nokuti 2020 and beyond. The technical analysis in this video/live stream is completely speculative and does NOT guarantee any specific result or outcome. The technical analysis in this video/live stream has NO proven rate of accuracy and past performance is NOT indicative of future results. Do NOT trade or invest based upon the analysis presented in this video/live stream. Always do your own research and only invest solely based on your own findings and personal judgement after consulting with a professional/licensed financial adviser. I’ll never tell you what to do with your capital, trades or investments. I’ll also never recommend for you to buy or sell any asset, security commodity, derivative or cryptocurrency related instrument. I’m NOT a broker. I DON’T recommend or endorse the use of any brokerages or trading exchange platforms. Trading and/or investing in cryptocurrency and/or any related commodities/securities/derivatives/instruments is extremely HIGH RISK and you can very easily lose all of your investment capital! You should always consult with a professional/licensed financial adviser before trading or investing in any asset, chibatiso, commodity, derivative or cryptocurrency related instrument! I will NOT be held liable for any of your personal trading or investing decisions. Izvi Video / mhenyu rukova chinokuvadzwa varaidzo zvinangwa chete!

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BITCOIN TO $14,000 BEFORE HALVING ?!?! 🛑💥 LIVE Crypto Analysis TA & BTC Cryptocurrency Price News

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  1. To me the crazy upmove in late Oct. represents wave A of a larger C wave (Counter-trend Rally). The low at 6425 was the B of C wave & we are now in the c of C which looks to be finished. That does NOT mean we cannot go higher; it means the minimum requirements for this counter-trend are complete & rick is increasing in both directions currently, imo. Thanks Kirrrbz! MAHARA

  2. Bitcoin highly manipulative and a dump is highly likely before next parabolic move. 14 k is not a big move from current level of 9.4k..for a big move on big dump is necessitated.

  3. In terms of Elliott Wave analysis, the fact that the B wave ran below the A wave by 28% implies underlying market weakness! Wave C hitting 11,380-11460 would add symmetry to the pattern & be very close to hitting the macro trend-line from 20 & 14,000 roughly. It doesn’t have to happen, but it could! MAHARA

  4. i think halving will not drop the price more like it will hold the current price about 9-10k. bitcoin creator was genius with this halving event. he knew that with every year we got better hardware more powerful so he decided to put the halving event. think like that with this simple example : how powerfull would be gtx 2080ti back to the days when bitcoin was released? halving is like air for human it is necessary for bitcoin to live on this market. thats why NVIDIA will release new cards in this year not back in 2019. we will get also new more powerful hardware miners for thos big companies. im not a moonboy but i think bitcoin will hold the price. thats for ur video im ur big fan.

  5. I always look at how the institutions can screw the most retail traders at a time. That would suggest a significant price drop while everyone is on their fomo bull run moon high. Buying looks to be getting exhausted as well. So it would be unlikely that another leg up would be sustainable. Could be wrong though.

  6. Patience is indicated here; 9-12-20 is still in the cards. It should represent +/- 7 mazuva, another great buying oppt. whether it is a higher low or a lower low, imo
    just like 12-15-19 aiva! MAHARA

  7. Kirby can you please do an LTC portion in your next video. We haven’t discussed top alts in ages

  8. If kirby was satoshi, then he would always have a moonboy mentality like james. If he had 1 m btc , would he not want bitcoin to go to 1m $ a piece ?

  9. About the halving, I expected you can discuss more about the market not the miners, so up or down. Many miners of course will be out of Business, there’s no doubt about that.

  10. Appreciate your expertise
    Do not agree with your halving analysis but I don’t want to write a long diatribe with my interpretation.
    Asi, you and some of us will still be here in 10-15 years and the answers will be clearer.
    Thank you again…. and for crying out loudbuy that damn satoshi those shoes!!!

  11. I love your videos but I always feel attacked when you talk about Moon Boy James , Because that is me lmaooo

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