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Carl Eric Martin (Mwedzi)

BITCOIN PUMP THEN BIG DUMP TO $3,5K?!! | $4,000,000,000,000 PRINTED BY THE FED!!!


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  1. This isn’t a result ofincompetenceor even the virus. It was all done on purpose. Deliberately. Maliciously. And it was planned in advance. The bankers and their puppets aren’tmaking mistakes”. And the government is notprotectingus, it is working for them. The sooner the sheep realize that the better off we will all be.

  2. Carl I know you’re being serious but like I can not help but laugh very hard with how right and how much I agree with; everything you say it completely on point and it is very scary where we are headed; right now there is a huge candle wick from BTC going up #6500

  3. jonnyboy950 How they taking your money? Dont trade if you are not good at it. I dont trade. Im long term and going to make money. I have no doubt. And i am buying more with the markets crashing.

  4. Definitely time to think bullish on bitcoin. I’m questioning hard if my money should be sitting in bank accounts right now

  5. If the government announces something, simply do exactly the opposite. If they say there is enough cash at the Banks & ATM’s, take your cash off the bank as soon as you can.

  6. Bitcoin 2020 mining reward halving getting closer every minute..🤺

    ‘Bitcoin has no top, as Fiat has no bottom’

  7. @Jeli Jones thats very true, it all falls down to the templar knights who gaurded Solomon’s temples but then got into black magic using the scrolls solomon had confiscated of the magicians. Since then all of these satanic groups prospered and planned for their annointed one to return. Ie anti christ

  8. @Piotr V I have exactly that. . . I’ll be waiting on that 1000 trump check.

  9. Im selling my car, my apartment and my gold holdings to buy bitcoin right now, I will cost average during the rest of the year

  10. @Nunya Biz I dont trade. I had 4 bitcoins and sold because for 3 years bitcoin has been in a bear market. People are losing their jobs and most folks don’t have money for a whale to dump on them. wo, institutional investors must know that whale can just dump on them too. Peter Brandt is right bitcoin to zero

  11. Sebastian Velandia that’s a really good decision. Since the markets became illiquid bitcoins price has dropped really affordable for investors and traders to buy. You can register under a trading firm that creates cipher encryption processing tools that improves trading efficiency and security.

  12. Darcie Summers register under a trading firm? why do that? There’s plenty of ways to buy bitcoin what’s the need for registering under a trading firm?

  13. Cerias Ophis If it’s not physical gold, it’s not your gold. Most people who “buy gold” actually only have gold certificates, which is about like equating a baseball card with the athlete.

  14. jonnyboy950 Do more research! Bitcoin runs in 4 yr cycles. You sold too early. Ive been in this since end of 2017. Havent sold a single coin. And not planning on selling until at least mid-end of 2021. 3 yrs is nothing in stock market and complain bitcoin hasnt run up since 2017? Patience!

  15. Form a big corporation, take on lots of debts, hire a bunch of people… ndokubva, the govt will talk to you.

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