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Bitcoin Technical Analysis & Bitcoin News Today: I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. Watch vhidhiyo kudzidza zvakawanda!

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  1. Can you post the video when you charted and predicted that HnS pattern and price please Carl…?
    Also have seen that trend line that was made firstly bu @silverbullet too, its no-one elses bar his, crypto have just made it straight, it should be slightly curved.

  2. At the moment I don’t believe in technical analysis. A worldwide crisis has just begun. I don’t think that we will see bullish scenarios in the next months.

  3. When this coronavirus is stopped orunder control”, i see a huge recovery for the markets and eventually the next parabolic phase for bitcoin.

  4. Looks like we could get to 6.5k the question is are we going to get a bounce or fall forward? I personaly think that we are going to have a big bounce at 6.5k-5k and we still need to see the big picture and not just the small part of it

  5. This too shall pass. Greed is just as powerful as panic. Plus i just rode down all my profit😢. Wild west! Its just money yall. Worst case, we have to keep working our wack jobs. C’est la vie🥶


  7. Many youtubers have been saying that 🤷‍♂️ that being said we should all know bitcoin is still a speculative asset

  8. Carl, so glad you have kept your head while everyone else has lost theirs. Voice of sanity.

  9. i said we have been in a bull market for the last 10 years in bitcoin, we are going very low

  10. BTC will rebound with intensity in the next few months. Panic sellers will have regrets in July.

  11. That’s sadbut that’s only the profits you still have your initial investment so trade for more profitsproblem solved 👏🏻

  12. Carl lives in Makebelieveland, BTC will in fact go alot lower, there is a world crisis currently in the form of COVID-19 ravishing the world, Businesses and consumers alike will sell off BTC to cover more important things such as debt, rent, and food. I love BTC and been holding since 2013, but BTC is not immortal.

  13. greetings from Zimbabwe. This latest crash shows that bitcoin is NOT an asset to be bought when there is a financial crisis. In fact it is the opposite. When there is a crisis people sell off bitcoin. Look at Gold. It has been rising since the beginning of the corona virus crisis. Bitcoin has been falling since the crisis was recognised as a crisis. Bit coin does not hold its value. Bitcoin is purely speculative. Because it is speculative the price will crash to lower and lower values till the crisis is over.

  14. Depends if the reason is the virus, Chiense official said that by June it would be resolved so we will get a massive bull once it is clear that is a solvable issue.

    If the issue is deeper u r right

  15. @Christian Burkart it is the end if it is a real recession instead of a flash crash 1987 style. New assets typically die when recessions hit, they need to mature if they want to survive. Bitcoin is not at all mature, it has fundamental issues, like for example the willingness of its miners to attack

  16. Really? They bounced it from 6k to 10k and shorted it like they’ve been doing since BTC has been out of the free market. They just grabbed a other scoop of burger flippers again in time for the bloodbath.

    It was going down regardless of whats going on in the world. Crypto is a pnzi scheme. When 3 years comes to pass , people might realized that the only ones left in the crypto space are gamblers.

    People stuck in crypto in 2020 are going to wait endlessly for a x1000 just like the people back at pennystock waited for a x1000 to never to happen again. Because that’s all they know, is that crypto does x1000 just like it did back in 2017 when it was in a free market.

    CME even sells that crap on paper. That should of been alarming to anyone thinking about any other commodities that comes to mind.

    What is BTC? Its nothing. Digital currency already exist and the blockchain cant even compete with VISA.
    Crypto is decentralized for the government laundering money.
    And the main system is centralized for the public.

    Bitcoin is a ponzi scheme. Its only used for money laundering by the governments haha. That’s his only use case. Why would they ever ban BTC when they can roller coaster it now and grab all of the burger flippers money? This was way too easy for them.

  17. @2000jago Can we guess the reasoning is awkward because the plunge has no Coronavirus cause ? The fundamentals are destroyed by debts caused by cheap oil production declining. Didn’t need a virus to plunge.

  18. You moon boys had so much to sell a few days back: luring everyone into the halvening narrative! I know it’s everyone’s responsibility to do his or her research before making a decision to invest but these quacks with hardly any realistic vision must have recked so many who watch(ed) them! No hurt feelings! Smiles

  19. @MR. OBVIOUS well, if we all going to die, then having a little money from investments might just get give u a few more days.
    Or you will be killed quicker for having it hahah

  20. @Glenn Walsh gold finally getting hammered too. It’s a combined world panic. Everything is tanking!

  21. R.I.P Zack why doesn’t carl like your comment , you have good critics on him doesn’t he like to learn about him self. Or is he just arrogant?? Or something.

  22. Everything is tanking. Even gold.

    Your argument is flawed if you are pinpointing crypto weakness in a time like this. Absolutely nothing is 📈 right now

  23. I’ve been lucky that all the BTC I’ve bought has been with earnings from online sports betting. So I’ve never used any personal FIAT to buy BTC. I’m just gonna HODL until it goes up again or lose it all. Doesn’t matter to me since it’s virtual money anyway.

  24. @mikle65 you have to think longer term than that. This coronavirus will end eventually, and people will flood the markets once again looking to make some gains

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