Bitcoin CAPITULATION?! | Binance Jersey HUGE Demand!! | French Bank Run RIGHT NOW!

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Bitcoin Technical Analysis & Bitcoin News Today: Is Bitcoin capitulation coming? wo, I'll talk about Binance Jersey and the fact that the demand for this new FIAT exchange by Binance is showing huge demand, maybe because of fears of a hard Brexit. In the video, I'll also talk about the French bank run. And as usual of course, I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. Watch vhidhiyo kudzidza zvakawanda!

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1:06 Bitcoin Analysis
5:41 General Market
8:40 Bcash Scam
9:59 Coinstar BTC
11:25 Binance Jersey
14:00 Bank Run Video!

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You Can Now Buy Bitcoin at Some Grocery Stores in the US

The Great European Bank Run is happening.In Saint-Nazaire, the protesters stop at a cash dispenser relaying the national call to "scare the state legally".

Gepostet von Yellow Vest UK am Donnerstag, 17. Januar 2019

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Bitcoin CAPITULATION?! | Binance Jersey HUGE Demand!! | French Bank Run RIGHT NOW!

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46 mashoko

  1. Meanwhile here in the philippines not so much people know bitcoin a lot of them leave the space since june but me when I found this channel I learn alot about bitcoin so the guys like us will survive the recession but I am worried what will happend in my country since not everyone aware of bitcoin

  2. Its funny to hear Carl using the word capitulation so often now. I’ve been using that word for over 5 mwedzi.

  3. Carl be careful calling the bottom! U dont want to ruin ur credibility like mike novagatz Lol 😂🤣😂

    Glad ppl are finally waking up to the fact that the market is still over all bearish! Its been a 13 month bear market lol with 6 kuti 8 more months to go!!! No time for moonboying!!!

    Hodlers n moonboyz hv gotten destroyed! Dont be one of them! Way More capitulation to come! Gara zvirire! 😳

  4. There is a much larger pennant forming from when we capitulated down from 6k encompassing all of the price action since. A very big move is going to happen soon. Surprised carl hasn’t mentioned that yet. If we drop lower than $3540 next stop is $2400. If we break up will be around 5.2k

  5. Constant strong fundamentals for BTC, every single day, but the price doesn’t seem to care, but when there there are BAD fundamentals, the price drops like a stone. It amazes me actually.

  6. Carl, you forgottened. We were very close to 101 billion once. It could happened again. Just wait for it.

  7. why would new people go from their gbp risking buying crypto which can drop significantly at any moment?

  8. It all boils down to leverage trading. It has been the absolute worst thing that could happen to btc. When we hit bottom and lose volatility as Carl mentioned, investors will get bored (no money to be made) then btc can grow naturally allowing more companies to adopted it as a source of payment which will help btc grow exponentially. We need stability not volatility!

  9. Totoy production.nice to see you here also .pinoy Rin ako.same with you I still hold my bitcoin coz I believe my patience Will be rewarded soon

  10. I opened a binance jersey account and it had nothing to do with brexit it was to avoid coinbase. I think articles like this are just to push fear again. Mufaro

  11. +The Moon my point isYou have started to be more realistic lately. Before you were straight up we are going to the moon. Now you show both the bullish and bearish side which I personally respect more. So kudos to you!

  12. Carl, could you play a little 30 sec of guitar for us in the next video ? Thanks bro.

  13. dBEST
    Diamond Chart Pattern Definition. A diamond chart formation is a rare chart pattern that looks similar to a head and shoulders pattern with a V-shaped neckline. Diamond chart reversals rarely happen at market bottoms, it most often occurs at major tops and with high-volume

  14. +christian paolo castillon nice to see you too. I believe in bitcoin becuase this is the only currency will survive ang peso natin never na makakabalik sa 1:1 USD but bitcoin is still keep rising over the last 10yrs

  15. +The Moon just so we on the same page I am not saying it’s you pushing fear just the people who write them I really enjoy your videos and content. Mufaro

  16. Just need to addchallengein front of bank run and it will go viral! The BANK RUN CHALLENGE everybody let’s go!!!!!

  17. Yep! Good video. With Brexit uncertainty and possible yellow vest bank run, I’m continuing to dollar cost average in!

  18. +wepfo foqei so you’ve been around watching his channel for as long as I have. Took him awhile but he finally came around.

  19. +L Homme En Vert The reason you are poor is because of your open border policies. You like getting screwed over. You will always be poor and the only people standing up to it are the yellow vests.

  20. Great videos like always. Happy I’m back in Europe, I can watch these when they come out.

  21. L Homme En Vert – vakabvuma. Carl is awesome at TA, but he is such a perma-bull inside that his news is always a bit over-sensational. Brexit is not (directly) going to affect the uptake of crypto for the masses. Neither is a few dozen people going to trouble the French banks.

  22. +Sam Saltwell maybe he’s playing it safe. Doesn’t want to bring it up in case it ends up not being a wedge pattern. Waiting for conformation maybe? But if it is we are getting awfully close to 75% the way there.

  23. +Sam Saltwell Carl’s t.a is great but he’s such a moon boy and so emotionally attached thats why he gets it wrong ,,he fails to see reality because he’s trading with a bullish bias and that’s not good ..

  24. OPTICALARTdotCOMIt’s had five points of contacthow much more confirmation do we need? Carl usually makes a point of showing possibilities, talking about how they might be confirmed etc. Really strange how he doesn’t address this one.

  25. vakabvuma. No one near me have even heard about. It’s only the crypto moonboys due to selfish motive. The problem is Carl probably never travels outside his enclosed room to know what’s reality.

  26. It has everything to do with Brexitbrexit is all about the moving the city of London’s operations to jersey to escape new money laundering regs that London were forced to sign up to last July 2018 – Jersey is not part of the EU and never has been.

    Binance are being used by the UK Elites to transfer dodgy money outside of the UK

  27. lol. Realy?
    So you mean you don´t read anything about it in the system controlled press and therefore it can´t be true?
    Everthing is fake? There is no Bank run?
    But think about itEven if this is a fake. If everybody runs to banks, the banking system will crash.
    Should we continue with this system?
    Yes sure. You have your beer, you smoke, tv and Blabla.
    But what´s the price you pay for that? If you don´t recognizes this.
    Then ok, fight for the system.
    Happy slaves are the worst enemys for freedom.

    I think there will be a fight. You have chosen your side.

  28. OPTICALARTdotCOM YuP there’s another descending triangle forming on the weekly time frame however I don’t think a break of $3540 will cause a flush down to $2400, we would need to see a break of $3000 with volume IMO!

  29. OPTICALARTdotCOMWell exactly, we’re 83% of the way there and Carl usually talks about formations that are close to confirmation.

  30. Yea but look at 2017 the BTC price was going up no matter good or bad fundamentals. This is why I think that fundamental analysis is pointless.

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